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Best Headphones for Lifting Weights

Updated on January 25, 2013

Lifting weights is an incredible way to get the physique you want, and get in the best shape of your life, but while you are lifting weights, you want to listen to music and get in the zone right? For many people do this can be quite a pain, in fact it is a big challenge to find a pair that is going to suit the various needs that a weight lifter has. Check out the rest of this lens for information on some of the best headphones available for weightlifting!

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are probably one of the Best Headphones for Lifting Weights. Because you never have to worry about the cords getting tangled, and you don't have to work about how big or bulky the ear pieces are going to be, you can get an incredible wokrout in without having to worry about your music.

Top 3 Wireless Headphones

  1. Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Headphones

    These headphones have clips that help to make sure they sit securely in you ears, and a single charge can last up to 4.5 hours. These are perfect for anyone looking to get quality sound and great battery life from a pair of wireless earbuds

  2. Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds with Secure Fit-Bluetooth Headset

    If the Freedom Sprint headphones are a little bit too expensive for your taste, you can check out these headphones, they are from the same people, offer many of the same features, but they have a little bit lower price tag.

  3. Jaybird Sportsband Stereo Bluetooth Headphone

    If Earbuds aren't quite your style, check out these wireless headphones. They allow you to get the look and feel of over the ear headphones, but they are also wireless so you don't have to worry about tangles while you lift.

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Jaybird Sportsband Stereo Bluetooth Headphone

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds with Secure Fit-Bluetooth Headset

In Ear Headphones

I personally think that the Best Headphones for Lifting Weights are in ear headphones. They are great because they fit snugly in your ears and if you don't want to hassle with them getting tangled in your weights, all that you have to do is feed them through your shirts. This headphone style has literally hundreds of different options, so this lens will provide you with the top two headphones that you should take a look at, but our personal favorite is the Bose SEI2i headphones.

Top In Ear Headphones

  1. Bose SEI2i Headphones

    These headphones are some of the best sport headphones that you can get your hands on right now. The give you the comfort of much higher cost headphones and the sound that you would expect to have to spend much more on. Additionally, the eartips are specially designed to be moisture proof so that your sweat doesn't ruin them while you work!

  2. Shure SE215-K Live Sound Monitor

    These headphones are specially designed sound monitors that are designed to stay in place and provide you with superior sound. They are not specifically made for the gym, however they are easy to clean and incredible durable, so they make the cut!

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Bose SEI2i Headphones

Shure SE215-K Live Sound Monitor

Which Headphone Style Do You Prefer?

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What do you think are the best headphones for weight lifting?

What is Your Favorite Pair of Headphones?

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    • Judith Nazarewicz profile image

      Judith Nazarewicz 

      5 years ago from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

      I use wireless headphones...find them more comfortable.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Now how are these with a lot of sweat will you fry your head...????

    • mrbill7474 profile image


      5 years ago

      Just like Old Cowboy, I use the headset, over-the-ear type headphones, but more than likely I do it for the same reason as John--I can't find any ear buds that will STAY in my ears!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have a hard time keeping the ones that have cables in my ears. The weight of the cables combined with movement make them fall out more often than not

    • OldCowboy profile image


      5 years ago

      My ear canals are so small, most any in ear headphones hurt, so I have always used over the ear type. Those bluetooth wireless headphones look like something we need around the ranch. Great for working and listening to music. Great lens.


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