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Top 6: Best Htc One Cases

Updated on August 9, 2013

Smartphone Covers for the HTC One Flagship Device

The HTC One is the must have mobile device of 2013. Certainly the most beautiful Android device that has been manufactured so far and perhaps one of the best looking smartphones ever. Like all sleek modern smarthphones it can be a little fragile though.

To protect it's shiny virgin surface of scratches by carkeys and coins and to keep it safe from bumps and drops it's advisable to get a solid case.

Although the case manufacturers tend to struggle to get cases on the market as soon as a new device hits the market, there are a few of the top case producers that came out with models already. Here are the top pick available this early on:

#1. HTC One Double Dip Flip Case

This case has been specifically designed to protect the HTC flagship device. It's not the cheapest cover available but it's certainly one of the coolest. With it's flip capabilities: you can put it in stand mode easily, to watch some cool videos or clips at your leisure.

The case is made out of tough plastic that will protect the back of your phone from scratching, drops and bumps.

#2. HTC One Genuine Case

This is a genuine HTC product so you can be sure of one thing; it will fit like a glove. Made out of tough polycarbonate that is both stylish and usually the material of choice by case manufacturers to keep your phone light and protected from accidental bumps, scratching and even drops. Very good looking phone, do see if you can get a good deal on a screen protector with it, usually Amazon has good deals on those as well.

#3. Poetic HTC One Cover

Poetic is fast with their case for the HTC One although it's only available from Aprill 22, so if you need a case right now you might want to go with the HTC cases.

However it's offered at a great price in differnt colors: Blue/Orange/Pink and purple. I love how it looks and it's made otu of polycarbonate and polyurethane to protect your premium cellphone while still being very light and adding little bulk to the device.

It has raised edges to help protect the screen although a screen protector is still preferred. Comes with a 3 year warranty from Poetic. Quality value protector for the HTC One.


#4. Slim Case for HTC One

This case is a very nice Spigen case, who are well known for their excellent cases. In addition it comes with free shipping if you live inside the USA. It's a very slim and form fitted case that is seethrough and shows off the beauty of your HTC One, a very big plus because the design of the HTC one is probably the best there is at the moment. The slim case comes with a screen protector so no need to order it seperately. Great selection, highly recommended.

#5. HTC One Wallet Case

There is even a wallet case available for the HTC One which is unusual this early in a product lifecycle. Great if you like to have your case double as a wallet and in addition this is pretty professional looking. The flip out spin design makes it possible to put it into viewing mode to enjoy videos more easily in landscape mode. The wallet also offers RFID blocking which adds security against getting skimmed, a nice safety feature.


#6. Feather Light Case HTC One

Sweet silicone skin by Incipio. Personally I'm a fan of their designs. They offer this one in Silver, Silver grey and Silver black as well as in black. The skin adds a sleek and sexy look and protects it from the day to day dangers a cell encounters, like carkeys, coins and stuff in your pocket or bag. A light and durable device you will hardly notice but that will make your HTC last. Get a seperate screen protector for additional safety.

Bonus! Car Kit HTC One

If you are on the move a lot you might want to consider getting the HTC One car kit. If you don't usually move around in your car this is not such a useful device. I always like these things with my cellphone and have one for my Nexus One.


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