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Protect Your iphone 5 With a Cool iphone 5 Case or Cover

Updated on August 31, 2013

Your iphone can easily get damaged without a protective case.

If you have an Apple iPhone 5 in need of a stylish case or cover, then look no further! The top 10 covers featured below provide an excellent variety from which to choose. But I'll warn you, you might have trouble choosing which one (or maybe two) to buy for your iPhone.

Cases for the iPhone 5 serve two purposes: provide protection for the expensive phone and add a style or flair Apple didn't provide. Your purchase decision will be based on either or both of these purposes. You can see the color or design you are purchasing from the pictures provided. You can rest assured that since this is a top 10 list, these cases will also guard against scratches, dings, and other potential mishaps.

Whether you prefer a highly protective case or a slim design, I've got you covered. If comfort or colors are important factors to you, I've still got you covered. Well, I mean I've got your phone covered. ;)

Perhaps you are thinking of buying a leather case this time. Just scroll down a ways and you'll find a nice assortment of leather cases, too.

Amazon Image Above


Acase iPhone 5 case

The Superleggera PRO has a hard exterior shell to provide your iPhone with complete protection. The interior is coated with silicone to provide additional protection from accidental damage, scratches, and drops. The attention to detail designed into this case even goes down to the case's coloring; a customized coloring blend chosen because its colors are vivid, it results in a smoother surface, and it is more durable than other colorings.

This solid case easily snaps on your iPhone. When in place you will not have any problems using the phone's buttons or accessing the earphone jack. You will find this is a good looking case that provides protection for your iPhone while not adding much bulk.

You will want to check out the multitude of colors this case comes in -- definitely more than black, white, and blue.


OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5 - Retail Packaging - Black

If your active lifestyle subjects your iPhone to more than its share of rough treatment, accidental drops, and harsh environments you need the protection the OtterBox Defender Series provides. With three layers of protection, and the built in screen protector, this case protects your phone from drops, dust, scratches, and screen scrapes and damage.

This case comes in 8 vibrant colors. The three layers of the case ensure it is rock solid. You will have peace of mind that some abuse and the accidental drop won't damage your iPhone. To provide the best protection, though, the case does introduce some bulkiness. Sliding your phone in and out of pockets might be a little slower. But, if you know your phone will be in for some rough handling the additional bulk is a small price to protect your expensive investment.

The OtterBox Defender includes a belt clip holster that also serves as a viewing stand for the phone. You can insert your phone into the holster either facing in or facing out. The rotating belt clip allows it to be either vertical or horizontal. Finally, the iPhone with the case fits snuggly into the holster so you won't have any fear that it might fall out.


Apple iPhone 5 Premium Hard Case

This Ringke case is a simple one piece hard case that fits the iPhone perfectly, leaving full access to all the phone's buttons and ports. Its slim design provides an elegant look to match the soft feel of the exterior. It keeps scratches from appearing on your expensive iPhone and a dual coating system proves twice the durability.

The soft, natural feeling grip of this case comes from a very thin rubberized coating. Other cases will simply add texture to the exterior of a hard plastic case trying to produce a non-slip surface. Holding this case feels secure, not that it might easily slip. At the same time, it doesn't have a tacky feel that some rubberized cases have.

All in all, this is a very thin case. It has a stylish matte finish that is both comfortable to hold and guards against scratches to the iPhone. It blends in very well with the iPhone 5 itself.


Poetic Case for Apple iPhone 5

The Poetic Atmosphere case for the iPhone 5 is translucent allowing the iPhone's case to slightly show through and providing an appearance of depth. Edges are accented with color, and you can choose from five colors for the accent trim.

The Poetic Atmosphere case is designed for a glove-like fit. The slim design does not add bulk when holding your phone or carrying it in your pocket. Corner protection helps guard against scratches and scrapes. There is a slightly raised lip around to face of the iPhone which allows the phone to be placed glass side down without worry of scratching or other damage to the screen.

This iPhone 5 case is the perfect answer if you are looking for a very slim case that provides protection without being bulky. Check it out.


Incipio Dual PRO for iPhone 5

This case is formed from shock absorbing silicone with plextonium plastic embedded on the exterior. In this manner the Incipio Dual PRO provides both protection and style. For style, this case has six vivid color combinations to select from. The precision fit and custom cut holes ensure complete access to all the phone's exterior features: controls, buttons, ports, and camera lens and flash.

The Incipio Dual PRO is an impressive case. The smooth exterior provides a sure grip, not slippery or slick. The soft inner liner of the case cuddles the phone while the outer shell snaps into place. Holding the phone feels good in your hand. The exterior has a softness to it that gives it a "grip" yet allows the phone to easily slide in and out of your pocket.

Summarizing, the Incipio Dual PRO is sized to provide protection but not bulk. Button and port locations on the case line up exactly. No matter which color combination you choose, the colors are complimentary and the style lines of the case are sleek. It would be hard to go wrong with this case.


Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case

For those who prefer a Bumper style case, here is a great one. It is uncertain if Apple will introduce a Bumper case for the iPhone 5. The Photive Hybrid fits snug, provides edge pump protection, and still allows full access to buttons, controls and jacks. By only wrapping around the edges of the iPhone the Photive Hybrid maintains the look and feel of the screen and back casing of the iPhone itself.

While the Bumper design does not cover the front or back of your iPhone 5, it does provide a raised lip area on both sides that keep the phone from actually touching a surface the phone is placed on. The sleek design maintains the thin feel of the iPhone 5 yet provides a secure feeling grip in your hand.

The case is a hybrid, double material design. It has a hard polycarbonate frame which is UV coated for durability. Then it has a flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) edge border. It will provide a degree of drop protection for accidental slips or drops. This Bumper not only fits the iPhone 5, it also looks good.


Fabric-Covered Case for iPhone 5

I think these cases are unique and you should take a moment to check out the 7 different fabric designs by following the More Info button below. The case itself is a hard plastic / soft rubber combination to provide quality protection. The fabric covering not only add a unique style to your iPhone, it also gives you a textured feel when holding the phone.

The FabShell is a one piece cover that is slim with a form fitting design. Rubber edges and extra strength walls add some shock absorbency to the case. Maintaining a thin profile, the FabShell is lightweight and the thin appeal of the iPhone 5 is kept.

In other words, there is the desired functionality to go along with a chic design.


CandyShell Grip Case for iPhone 5

This Speck Products CandyShell case comes in 5 stylish colors for you to check out. Textured finger pads are designed into the case to give the CandyShell both structure and style. For the thumb, there are ridges to help keep your thumbs properly with the buttons. These are the types of design details that can provide confidence you have a quality product.

Speck Products has a patented design for a two layer protection case formed to be a single unit that the iPhone 5 fits into. Whe the phone is fit snuggly into the case all controls and plug in points will line up properly. Buttons are covered with a rubbery material for additional protection while maintaining a tactile feel.

When your CandyShell is delivered you will find it has a great feel to it. Obviously, this isn't something you can determine just from the pictures or other people's review. But you will find out for yourself if you purchase this quality CandyShell Grip case.


Soft Skin Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5

It would be hard to find a soft skin case better than this one. It has a non-slip feel when holding it, but it doesn't feel sticky. Neither does it attract lint or dust as some silcone cases seem to do. The molded TPU (thermoplastic polyurathane) does not hinder the use of any buttons, controls, or other features.

Kay's Case Skin Soft Skin Cover is sleek and lightweight. It has a minimalist design that doesn't detract from the inherent looks of the iPhone 5 it is meant to protect. The TPU material doesn't need multiple layers for acceptable protections, so this case won't add much bulk to your phone.

The Skin Soft Skin Case fits great and looks great. While smooth, the back is slightly textured to keep it from slipping or sliding. And with about 10 color choices you can buy several and swap them out periodically.


Belkin View Case Apple iPhone 5

The Belkin View Cover is a unique style iPhone 5 case. A transparent back allows the Apple logo and sleek aluminum back to show while adding color to the borders puts a pop in your phone's look. You actually have a host of colors from which to choose, from an elegant black to some bright, attention grabbing colors.

The View Cover gives your phone protection from impacts and scratches. All buttons are covered but, of course, are fully functioning. Likewise, other controls and ports are available for full use. An opening for camera lens and flash keeps the case from interfering with quality photo ops.

The Belkin View Cover is an excellent choice for your iPhone. It is a slim style that easily slips over your phone yet doesn't fit loosely. The attractive and clean appearance of the case allows the beauty of Apple's iPhone 5 to also be displayed. So, here you have a practical case with a distinctive style.

Perhaps A Leather iPhone 5 Case Meets Your Needs

Leather cases come in several styles. Rather than carry your phone in a pocket, a pouch will protect your iPhone yet provide easy access to it when it is needed. A folio style case smartly holds an iPhone and often allows you to carry your driver's license, ID card, or credit cards in the case, too. A variation of the folio design is the stylish book look, which you will see below. There is also the leather holster what attaches to your belt and carries the iPhone 5 either horizontally or vertically.

Whichever style preference you have for a leather case, review the selection featured below to find just the right one.

Do You Use a Case / Cover for Your iphone?

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    • audrey07 profile image


      5 years ago

      No, I don't have a cover for my phone. I have been thinking of getting one but has been putting it off for some reason or other.


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