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iPod Nanos Are The Best!

Updated on August 17, 2014

You'll get my Nano when you pry it from my cold, dead ears!

When I first read William Gibson's book Neuromancer, one of the details I loved the most was how people had little sockets for direct interfacing behind their ears, and walked around with slivers of software sticking out.

Until I can have a socket behind my ear like that, I'm going to just stay continuously hooked up to my iPod!  I've had several models over the last few years and I just don't know how I managed to carry music, quickly find contact info and remember appointments from before these were invented...

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iPod Mini

the 2nd type of iPod that I owned

The second model of iPod that I owned was an iPod Mini. I confess I first started with an iPod for the idea of having a digital music player, but now it does so much more for me, it's the one thing that I'm always carrying with me, either at home or when I travel.

This model is the silver Mini. I wrapped my Mini though, so I guess what color it is doesn't really matter. The decal cost me about six bucks and I've never run into anyone else whose iPod looks like mine.

I started out using it for music, but now it's my main travel organizer, datebook, address book too. I run iCal integrated with the Address Book. With the alarm feature, my iPod frequently is my electronic reminder, alerting me to events and appointments. I play video games on it when I ride on the train, and it works as my alarm clock when I fly out of town. I make ridiculously complex and precise theme playlists for road trips with friends. They do too.

I've learned now after two iPods that my love of using the sleep feature is one of the things that causes shorter battery life. I had a friend swap in a new battery for me, and that worked great. However, the second time I decided to do that, I tried it myself and broke the one wire you don't want to break... even though I was trying to be careful about it! Apple makes repairs such that fixing it is less cost-effective than getting a new one, and I decided to just live Podless.... :(

Then in September 2007, two friends of mine got together to get me a brand-new Nano for my birthday! (scroll down to read that story)

iPod Nano with Video

The third generation iPod Nanos with Video are a cool square shape, and come in four colors.

Making The Leap To A Nano

When two of your good friends decide that your decrepit and beat-up iPod needs to be replaced, you don't argue with them.

This is a black Nano with video. Or at least that's what it is under its wrap. This is the back view of it. The case really showed fingerprints, plus I've always liked how a few bucks and some vinyl lets you really customize your iPod. I wanted to find something Medusa or goddess-like and this Greco-Roman design was what I selected in the end.

I like to go for walks a lot, and I have to say the ever-shrinking size of the iPod have really been nice. This one tucks sweetly into the little key pockets you find on sweatpants or yoga pants and that makes it super easy for exercising.

I've always had to get new earphones, as nature has blessed me with smaller-than-the-average-adult ear canals and standard earbud earphones never fit me. There are a lot of silicone models on the market that are 1) smaller and 2) softer, and those solved my issues with Apple's earbuds.

iPod in Action

VINYL RECORDS + NEW TURNTABLE = INSTANT DIGITAL FILES!!! - at long last, a quick and easy way to get your old records onto your computer and MP3 player

Ok, now this is THE PERIPHERAL MUST-HAVE item that I have just been waiting for! Quick, easy and to the point... play your records right into your computer and make them into digital files.

I'm going to have to get a bigger iPod now. Already undreamed of music set lists are unfolding and rearranging themselves in my mind. I haven't had a working turntable in several years but this variation is just the ticket! I hear music geeks over the age of 30 everywhere pogo-ing in utter delight!


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