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Best ipod Docking Stations

Updated on December 19, 2010

Looking For A Good iPod Docking Station?

If you have an ipod, then purchasing an ipod docking station is something you may be thinking about. An ipod docking station will give you the ability and the freedom to play your downloaded tracks on a portable system with speakers, rather than using the headphones. Of course, it is possible to listen to the ipod on a regular home stereo if you have a line-out. However, this may not always be practical, especially if you want to listen to your ipod in an alternative room to the stereo. And in these days of downloading music, not everyone has a full blown stereo system in which to plug their ipod or MP3 player into - docking stations are the modern alternative. This may be especially true for the younger generation, who have grown up with the idea of downloading, and who may not have a vast collection of CD albums. Docking stations are small, smart and portable, making them an ideal solution. A docking station will also charge the ipod whilst it is plugged in, making it a 2 in 1 device. Older children and teenagers who love music will find a docking station in their bedrooms a great asset, as they can then listen to their favorite tracks whilst talking with friends and doing other things.

Below is a list of some of the most popular and best iPod docking systems to suit all budgets:

Sony Docking System with Wireless Subwoofer
Sony Docking System with Wireless Subwoofer

Alternative Sony Dock in Lower Budget Range

Sony iPod Docking Station

This docking station from Sony includes a wireless subwoofer and really is an excellent buy, as backed up by its five star reviews awarded by previous buyers. Compared on more than one occasion to the renowned Bose systems, this docking station offers excellent, quality sound at a much more affordable price. The highs are clean and crisp, whereas the included subwoofer lends a resonant bass and a great depth to your music. Because the subwoofer is wireless, it means you can postion it wherever you choose without interference from other electronics. It can also be controlled by means of the included remote control, which works from a good distance.

The Sony Docking System can be used with both iPod and iPhone . One of its best features, aside from the unquestionable audio quality, is that it can be paired with up to 8 additional S-AIR enabled speakers, allowing you to extend your music to multiple rooms. This docking station is an excellent choice and difficult to beat in terms of quality, especially in this price range. 

iHome iP9 Speaker Dock with Radio in silver
iHome iP9 Speaker Dock with Radio in silver

iHome iP9 Speaker Dock

The iHome iP9 Speaker Dock is an extremely popular station with excellent reviews. It can be purchased in either black or silver, and is a very affordable product with good sound, FM radio and a snooze alarm.

You can fall gradually to sleep whilst listening to your iPod, after programming the 'sleep' feature to last between 15-120 minutes. The docking station can also be programmed to wake you in the morning, putting you in an immediate good mood with your chosen favorite song or playlist. Your iPod will charge whilst you wake up, so that it will be ready and waiting for when you leave the house.

The iHome iP9 has good quality, Reson8 speaker chambers. Bass, treble, 3D and balance controls enable you to manipulate the sound to suit you. Shields prevent annoying GSM buzz from iPhones interfering with your listening. It also comes with a remote control.

The iHome iP946 Speaker Dock (pictured bottom right), is another good product with Reson8 speakers, but without the FM radio and alarm clock features.

RCA Ri503 Sound System with iPod Dock

RCA Ri503 Docking Station

This is an inexpensive but surprisingly good iPod dock with a built-in subwoofer. For such a great value product, it certainly has a good sound, boasting full-range speakers with good bass. This docking station has received an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, and is definitely one of the better docks in the lower price bracket. It also comes with a remote control - certainly worthy of consideration.

Logitech S715i Speaker Dock

Logitech make quality audio products, and this speaker dock for the iPod and iPhone is no exception. It has great quality sound, produced using 8 custom-tuned speaker drives. This results in a good, clean sound with crisp highs, a rich mid-range and a deep bass.


Since this docking station is approved by Apple itself, you can feel confident that it is an ideal choice with which to play and charge your iPod and iPhone. This dock can also be operated by remote control (included).

Altec Lansing

The Altec Lansing IMT320 inMotion Compact iPod Speaker System (pictured top right) is another extremely popular choice which has received great feedback. This is a very small and portable system with a good sound at a very reasonable price. In fact, it is the smallest of Altec Langsing's inMotion line making it easily transportable. Not only that, but it would make a slim, elegant and classy addition to any room. It comes with a handy vinyl case which offers protection when the product is not in use - this can also act as a stand when required.

The general audio quality on the IMT320 is good with no distortion. The speakers are equipped with two neodymium drivers, offering full-spectrum sound with no GSM buzz from the iPhone. The music will pause whenever a call is received. Battery life is good, however there is no remote control with this model.

The Altec Lansing IMT620 has the same neodymium driver speakers, plus the additional feature of FM radio. This docking station can fold up to the size of a small, flat book and the stand becomes a handle making it extremely portable and convenient. With this lightweight station, a remote control is included.

Bose SoundDock 10
Bose SoundDock 10

Bose SoundDock Speaker System for iPOd

Bose has a well-deserved reputation for producing quality audio technology at the more upmarket end. However it is rather more expensive than many of the other speaker docks detailed here. Bose have spent many dedicated decades designing upmarket products with quality in mind. The SoundDock Series II (pictured top right) is a smart, classy iPod dock and is Apple approved.

Above all else, Bose are known for great quality sound. This Series II system produces a superb, rich and clean sound with good bass. You cannot, however, alter the treble or bass levels as you can with some of the alternative products.

The dock itself is sturdy and durable, and comes with a remote control.

The Bose SoundDock 10 (bottom right) is a top of the range docking station which offers powerful, lifelike music with full-range audio. Crisp highs and deep, rich lows are delivered via Waveguide Speaker Technology plus a woofer. The Waveguide is basically a long tube carefully folded inside the system, providing a strengthened sound for the woofer resulting in deeper, powerful tones.

The SoundDock 10 is both clean and elegant. It can be connected to a DVD or MP3 - you can even watch iPod video on TV whilst listening to the track on the system. The SoundDock is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPods with clickwheels such as Nano, Mini, Photo, Video and Classic Models.

This is Bose's King Docking Station, and it is easy to see why.


Bowers and Wilkins - King of Audio

Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin
Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin

Bowers and Wilkins ipod Docking Stations - The Zeppelin

Bowers and Wilkins are renowned as manufacturers of some of the best speakers in the world. They also produce iPod docking stations for the higher end of the market. This is a company dedicated to providing audio equipment for those to whom the sound really does matter. The Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Loudspeaker Dock Station (pictured top right) is a docking station with an incredible, flawless sound - 5 speakers produce a clear, crisp, rich and warm sound with a tight bass and realistic musical experience with great attention to detail. This is a system for those who can really appreciate the difference between excellent audio and run-of-the-mill. The build quality is excellent and the product has a two year warranty.

This product has recieved first class reviews from previous purchasers on Amazon and elsewhere. The Blowers and Wilkins Zeppelin can certainly blow your mind away if your budget allows.


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