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Ladies Mobile Phones, Covers and Accessories. The Bling versus Class Paradigm.

Updated on December 2, 2014

Is there such a thing as a Ladies Mobile phone?

Fashion will always be very important to women. Mobile phones are no exception in this regard. Fashion trends dictate technology and this is no different when it comes to phones. The important factor, however is that phones have to be functional, as well as, fashionable. The question that is becoming more apparent these days is, "How important is a good looking phone versus a technological advanced phone, for females?" I'll be debating this question further on this hub. I will also be listing some of the current popular mobile phones.


What is Fashion?

Good Question - we are all affected by it!

Fashion is very much related to Style. The question might then be asked, "What is Style?".

Style is a sense of being, that associates itself with quality, sense of self, setting and following trends and in general being noticed by your peers, for either what you wear or what you create.

Fashion has always been part of the human condition. Since earliest man, fashion has been important to our very existence. Discoveries have been made all over the ancient world, that clearly show that our ancient forefathers were just as fashion conscious as our modern brothers and sisters. From make-up kits in Egypt to trendy jewelry in Rome.

During the 18th century Europe was in a fashion boom, centred very much in France and the court of Louis the XVI and his beautiful wife Marie Antoinette. She was leading a fashion revolution - prior to herself being killed in another revolution! If she was still alive today, it would be interesting to see what fashion choices she would make and even more interesting to see what mobile phone she would choose!

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 GSM Unlocked Cellphone, 64GB, Silver
Apple iPhone 6 GSM Unlocked Cellphone, 64GB, Silver

Latest release from Apple. The iPhone 6, the ideal companion!.


Are women technologically savvy when it comes to mobile phones?

This subject could be described as an extremely sensitive matter. The big question is, "Does your average Jane Doe worry about the technology of the mobile she is using, as long as it have Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail and standard phone functions like call and texting?"

The mobile phone industry has mushroomed in the past couple of years, releasing various advanced cutting edge devices yearly. This has made it extremely difficult for average phone users to keep up to date with the knowledge about the technology they are using.

Over the centuries men has always been more involved and interested in technology and as such an assumption is made that the same fact still applies to modern smartphone knowledge. It is assumed that women are more interested in flashy or colorful phones or even better, they will cover a perfectly fine metallic smartphone with a shiny pink polka dot cover that matches with their shoes and handbag.

So is the above still true about women in the 21st century?

Samsung Galaxy S5


Does women want Bling or Class when it comes to Mobile Phones?

There is a definite trend worldwide for mobile users to become more technological aware and this is no exception when it comes to women. The general consensus from most mobile operators worldwide is that women are buying the same phones as men and in fact in some countries might even be more specific when it comes to the technology of the desired handset. There are however still some features where women has got certain preferences different to men:

  • Phone size - It still has to fit in that tiny handbag.
  • Phone storage - It must have enough space to store all the photos of the kids.
  • Phone cover - It must have a good range of colors, just in case our lady does like to color match.
  • Phone insurance - Just in case it is dropped while jogging.

I definitely belief that most women these days are more interested in what is going on underneath the hood of their phone than the color of their phone.

The Bling Flower Case!

What do you think?

Do you agree, that women are these days more educated when it comes to the phone they choose?

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iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Which phone do you prefer?

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Do you prefer a trendy hip phone? - Best Ladies Mobile Phones and Accessories 2014

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