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Best Lenovo Ideapad Case Options and Lenovo Ideapad Accessories for You

Updated on September 29, 2012

Great Ideapad Cases and Accesories

You should get some accessories for your Lenovo Ideapad like a good case that will not only help protect your investment (your tablet) and make it that more fun to use. There are basically 3 kinds of Ideapad case cover categories:

1) Ideapad faux leather or real leather cases,

2) Ideapad sleeves (usually made from neoprene), and

3) Ideapad carrying case (bag like with strap).

All these are excellent, but the best one for you depends on when/where/why you use your tablet.

In addition, you may some accessories like a screen protector, stylus, keyboard, etc.


(TM) Folding Cover Case With Stand For Lenovo IdeaPad K1 10.1-Inch Android Tablet

If you want all around sturdy case, you should look for an Ideapad leather case or faux leather case. These cases should fit snuggly around your Ideapad tablet. In addition, you should pay close attention that none of the ports or other access points are blocked or obstructed by the case. A number of these Ideapad cover cases have a built-in stand. This is a nice feature as it allows you watch videos and movies at a perfect viewing angle without you having to hold it. If you watch a lot of videos and movies, this should be a good case for you.

rooCASE Netbook Neoprene Sleeve Case for Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 0647-37U

People like using an Ideapad sleeve because they are typically very light weight. These sleeves are ideal if want to store your tablet around the house and not get get or other stuff all over your Ideapad. Since some sleeves contain a thicker layer of neoprene or other materials, sometimes these sleeves are not ideal if you take your tablet with you traveling or if you are rougher on your stuff. In this situation, a sturdier or more durable case cover may be more suitable. Otherwise, these sleeves are great. One nice feature to look for is the presence of additional pockets. These pockets come in handy to store your stylus, cords, etc.

High Density Nylon Padded FlexWall Tablet Carrying Case for Lenovo K1 Ideapad , ThinkPad 1838 / and Many More 10.1 -Inch Tablets!

Many people who travel a lot prefer a carrying case that has straps for ease of portability. Many men prefer to have a carrying case like this and some women who don't have or like to place their tablet in their handbags. There are many carrying cases for the Ideapad, but many of them are more generic. Don't let this dissuade you from buying one. Many of them feature a durable design that has thick foam padding and scratch-proof interior. If in doubt, you can always get a microfiber cloth to wrap your tablet in before placing into any sleeve or carry case. This helps prevent scratches caused by your case..

Ideapad Tablet K1 keyboard dock KD101A

1) Keyboard docking station:

One of the best features about owning a tablet as nice as the Ideapad, is the ability to turn it into a netbook. With a docking station keyboard setup (example on the left), you can type away on emails, reports, or any other project that requires the use of a keyboard, but also a docking station. So it is a keyboard and charging dock all-in-one item. It's great to have on it on your desk or work space when you need a more traditional keyboard, and it charges your Ideapad as it is a docking station. Then you can it out when ever you leave or need it elsewhere. It's definitely a very useful accessory to have for your Ideapad.


(TM) Invisible Screen Protector Film for Lenovo IdeaPad K1 10.1-Inch Android Tablet

2) Ideapad screen protectors:

This is another useful item for you to have for your tablet. Some people love them as it prevents unnecessary scratches from reaching your tablet's screen and minimizes fingerprint grease. However, there are some people who hate them because they feel that the screen protectors will distort their viewing or make things appear fuzzy. A lot of these negatives can be overcome by buying a quality screen protector that does not do these things to your screen. Another thing to look for is to make sure that these screen films don't leave sticky residue behind if you ever need to remove them from your Ideapad. Most of these screen protectors are inexpensive, so it is worthwhile to buy one and test it out for yourself.

Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen for Amazon Kindle Fire & Touch 3G, Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4s, Droid Bionic, Accessory for All TouchScreen Devices

3) Lenovo Ideapad Stylus. These items are great for people who don't want to touch their tablet's screen with their greasy fingers or have other's touch their Ideapad's screen with dirty fingers. It helps keep your screen clean.

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