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Best Motorola Xoom Case Options and Xoom Accessories for You

Updated on September 30, 2012

Motorola Xoom Case

Now that you have bought yourself or were given a Motorola Xoom as a gift, you need to protect it from damage. They make a wide variety of Xoom cases and other accessories. But which stuff is right for you? What do you really need? Keep reading to find out!

Motorola Xoom

As you probably already know, one of the greatest features about the Motorola Xoom is that it runs Google's Android operating software.

Some fun stuff that you can do with your Xoom:

1) PDFs. You can easily look over and annotate a PDFs. You download your PDF and place it in whatever folder you want. Then open it in a PDF reader (app available). With the aid of a hand drawing app (some of these apps are free), you can draw away and annotate and make comments. Then save it and email it back to whoever needs it.

2) Turn your Xoom into an e-book reader. You can download the free B & N Nook and B&N apps. In addition, you can download the Amazon Kindle WhisperSync app. Now you can read both Kindle and Nook ebooks on your Xoom. Alternatively, you can drop your ebooks into the Dropbox and downloaded them onto your Xoom. Then navigate to your Xoom file manager and move them into a folder made specifically for books (ie, "eBooks"). All of this is simple to do on this device.

3) Easily watch videos because you can use Flash.

Xoom Case Options

You obviously need to protect your Xoom, but which case works best for you?

Do you want a leather cover or perhaps a faux-leather cover? A leather cover will be sturdy and can easily protect your Xoom from bumps, scratches, and other wear that comes with normal use.

Do you want a xoom case that has a magnetic flap enclosure? Or perhaps you want a velcro one?

You'll need to think about your future xoom case in terms of how easy is to access your Xoom from it? Do you need a case that is easy removable?

You'll also need to check to see if your Xoom case will give you full access to all the functions and charging slots.

Do you want a Xoom cover case that offer an adjustable stand? Some of the options have it and others don't.

Do you know how much money you want to spend. The price for Xoom cases does vary.

Other Motorola Xoom Accessories

There are other accessories for your Xoom that you should consider getting. A list is provided below:

1) A screen protector: Have you though about what would happen if you got a large gash or other scratches in your screen? You can try to prevent this from happening by applying a thin but yet responsive to your touch film that will help protect your Xoom screen from scratches and other dings.

2) Adapters and Chargers: Great to take with your on road trips, family vacations, business trips, to the office, anyplace. It allows to you to keep connected whenever you go and wherever you are. Most are easy to use and charges your device quickly. Get one that is small and portable.

3) Stylus: Those Xoom pens that allow you to navigate around your device without having to touch the screen. Very handy if you have nails or are afraid to damage the screen with your fingers.

Motorola Xoom Case With Keyboard

Did you know that you can turn your Motorola Xoom into a netbook with the aid of a bluetooth keyboard? Some people get tired of tapping away on their screen and would really prefer to have a keyboard for their fingers. Now you can. They make Motorola xoom case with bluetooth keyboard for this very reason. When the keyboard is not needed, just leave it at home or wherever. Check it out.

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