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Best Nook Tablet Cases and Accessories

Updated on July 26, 2013

Great Nook Tablet Case Options

You've either spent your hard earned cash to get the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet or you were perhaps lucky and got it as a gift (lucky you!). Either way you should be thinking about getting a great cover case soon as to protect it when you are out and about. There are lots of options to choose from depending on your needs.

rooCASE Executive Leather Portfolio

(Black) Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View for Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet / NOOKcolor Nook Color eBook Reader

Protecting your Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet is very important. And of course there are a ton options to choose from when you go buy your protective case. But it all depends on what your situation in your home. Do you tend to take your Nook Tablet with you everywhere? Then you might need to get a sturdy case, but one that is also light weight. Are you the Nook tablet user that only uses your Nook Tablet at home, you might not need such a hard case. Maybe a Nook Tablet sleeve is a good choice for you. This is something to think about. Some may prefer cases made with faux leather, instead of real leather due personal beliefs or simply cost. Real leather cases tend to cost more money. However, both are fairly durable and provide good protection.

It is important to look at the interior of your potential cases when you are shopping around. The interior should have some sort of non-scratch material. Why? Because this way you do not worry about any damages to the screen. Some cases have a magnetic button as a method of secure closure. Others have a zipper enclosure. The case over on the left is such an example of a zipper case. It's up to you what kind of enclosure you prefer.

Some people really prefer to have a case that has a simple design, or maybe a very colorful one to match their personality. The most common case for your Nook Tablet is black.

More Nook Tablet Case Options

Also, you will want to look how your Nook tablet stays in its case. Does it have an open pocket to easily slide in your Nook Tablet in? Does it have velcro straps or maybe a built-in shelf to hold it place? Some methods of holding your Nook Tablet in place are more secure than others. Again, your level depends on your usage. If you are the type of person that will take your Nook Tablet everywhere, then you might need to have a case that will securely hold your Nook in place. This is an important thing to think about.


(Black) Leather Case Cover with 22 Angle Adjustable Stand for Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet / NOOKcolor Nook Color eBook Reader

MV Series

Some people prefer to have their case also double kind of like a Nook Table stand. These kinds of cases are great that they are a case and can turn into a stand if you watch a lot of videos or movies. A couple of Nook Tablet case covers come with multiple interior slots for additional storage for cards, papers, and accessories. These kinds of cases are excellent and makes using your Nook Tablet while traveling that much easier. When looking at all your Nook Tablet case options, you should look to see if all the features your Nook Tablet are accessible with the case on. This is very important if you plan to use the headphone jack and realize that the port is blocked.

Other Nook Tablet Cover Thoughts

Some covers for your Nook Tablet feature an interesting design. You will most likely find these kinds of cover cases in your local Barnes and Noble store. Some may be on sale and you will get a cool design for a great price.

Some cases have speaker holes on the unit. This is a great idea if you plan to watch a lot of videos. This way you don't have to take off your case. This is something to think about how you use will use your Nook Tablet.

Cases that offer a compact structure may be good for those seeking convenient mobility. Some cases are heavier than others so it's important to look at the weight of the case.

2x caseen GLARESHATTER Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet includes 2-pack Screen Protectors

There are 2 excellent accessories for your Nook Tablet:

1. Nook Tablet Screen Protectors: These screen protectors do what their names says, they protect your screen from any stray scratches and other minor damage that can happen during normal wear and tear. These protectors are also great at reducing glare. Most of these Nook Tablet screen films are easy to put on and easy to take off. You don't to buy the kind that leaves a sticky film behind when you take it off. Alternatively, if you feel your screen protector gets all bubbly and it becomes annoying to you or if you feel it alters the color of your screen, then consider getting a stylus.

3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen

(Red + Black + Silver)

2. Nook Tablet Stylus: These items are pen like devices that allow you to handle your Nook Tablet without having to touch the screen. And they are great at preventing your Nook Tablet's screen from getting dirty with grease and other stuff from your fingers. And they are fairly cheap. Or alternatively, if you can't decide, get both to see which one you like better. Both of these accessories are fairly inexpensive.

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