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Best OLED TVs 2013

Updated on April 18, 2013

A guide to buying an OLED TV

A guide to the best OLED TVs for 2013. The television industry have been talking about OLED TVs for a while but 2013 is the year when they will make it into living rooms in large screen sizes. OLED TVs are at the beginning of becoming mainstream.

OLED screens are thin and light and offer natural-looking images. Technologists are predicting that OLED TVs will become the next big thing with TVs moving to OLED technology over the next few years.

Initially large OLED TVs won't be cheap! These are TVs for early adopters, movie buffs and people who love their gadgets and can justify the cost.

We expect the OLED TV to be a big gift that people buy for themselves or as a whole-family gift for Christmas 2013.

I'll be updating this page as we hear about new OLED TVs for 2013 and looking at the best choices depending on your budget and buying criteria.

What is an OLED TV?

So what's all the excitement about OLED TVs? OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode and screens made using this technology do not need a backlight. This means that OLED TVs are thin and light, and potentially flexible too. The OLED technology gives more natural colors and color changes.

OLED technology has already been used in smaller devices but we're now seeing the technology scaled up to larger displays.

OLED power comsumption is also lower making these displays energy efficient.

If you want to see a fun scientific explanation of how OLEDs work try How OLED Displays work using a Glowing Pickle.

See also: 4K TVs. TVs can be both OLED and 4K for a big gorgeous screen!

OLED TV Prices

Initially 55" OLED TVs are expected to retail for around $10,000 - $15000.


LG 55EM970V

The LG 55EM970V is a 55" OLED TV from LG which is due to be available in March 2013 in the US.

LG have also announced a smaller 40" OLED TV and a larger 70" OLED TV. (source)

LG 55EM970V/975V wins European Display Achievement Award - Award Winning OLED TV

Samsung 55-inch OLED TV F9500

Samsung has annoucned the F9500, 55-inch OLED TV. As well as using OLED technology this TV has a rather intriguing new feature. Two people can watch different programs on the same screen at the same time! It's a variant on 3D technology that allows different viewers to see different pictures (and use headphones for sound.) That should fix disagreements on what to watch.

We're still waiting for US price and release date information for the Samsung F9500 but Samsung have said that we can expect to see this TV for sale in 2013 (unlike their previous ES9500 model which did not ship.)

Samsung Curved OLED TV

The Samsung large screen curved OLED TV is a concept piece demonstrated at CES 2013. They suggest that curved TVs will give a more immersive viewing experience. This won't be on sale this year. I don't think a curved TV would be very practical in most living rooms, but maybe for custom movie rooms.

Panasonic 4K OLED TV

The Panasonic 4K OLED TV is a concept at the moment to show where Panasonic intends to take the technology.

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Best OLED TVs 2013

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