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Best online sites to learn programming

Updated on August 13, 2016


  • PluralSight is not a free learning site.
  • Its a learning site where code lovers has to pay for going through complete set of courses. But it is worth spending your money here because programmers will get everything that he needs right from designing to building a software.
  • It also contains courses on building your softskills, advancing your career, online marketing and what else!.
  • You can explore a wide variety of courses here and master those courses by testing yourself with the help of assessments provided in the courses.

This site is really helpful for developers who are in need for advancing their career path

Code School

  • Code school is a part of pluralsight and thus is available fully only for a paid user.
  • Here you will be able to learn everything by doing it as you go along with the course. For those of you who really want to code but dont have the software thats needed, then this site is really useful.
  • There will be exercises after each module within a lesson where you will be able to test yourself where you are upto. It also tracks your progress against each course.
  • Every week there are new courses introduced.


  • This is a free learning site where there are lot of programming courses available.
  • Of-course, there is a premium plan available for paid users where you can have discussions and also plan and do your project with the help of instructors.
  • But for those of you who want to learn coding for free, then this site is good.
  • It is somewhat similar to codeschool where you can practice as you go through your learning path.


  • Like Pluralsight, treehouse is also available for paid users.
  • As like Pluralsight, Treehouse also contains many courses that a developer or anybody interested in learning new skills need.
  • It includes courses from the beginners to the advanced programmers.
  • It includes web development, game development and also mobile development.


  • Coursera contains a great collection of open online courses.
  • It not only contains programming stuffs, but also contains courses about Life, Science, History, Humanism and more from the top universities.
  • So for those of you who wanted to explore other stuffs which not only includes programming, then this is a good site.
  • You will have to pay for the certificates issued from coursera.


  • As like Coursera, Udacity contains a massive collection of useful courses which are open to users.
  • Udacity also offers some nanodegree programs that is really helpful in enhancing your skills or a change in you career.
  • Nanodegree programs are not free but still similar free programs are open to explore.


  • edX contains many online courses from the best universities and institutions in the world.
  • You can enroll to your interesting courses at anytime and can track your progress on your dashboard.
  • A valuable certificate is also provided if needed by the user.
  • Plenty of courses are available in edX for free. Sign up and start learning!


  • This site contains courses on various streams including SEO, Wordpress, web development, app development and so on.
  • There are also certificates available for the courses that you complete.
  • Really helpful site where you can learn what you wanted sitting at you comfort zone.


  • Like PluralSight/treehouse, udemy provides some paid courses available for the users.
  • It not only involves programming but also includes experts who teach data science, marketing, training and so on.
  • Courses are available for beginners, intermediates and also for professionals.

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