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Best Places to Buy Cheap Laptops Online in 2013

Updated on January 14, 2013

Find cheap, used laptops

In any discussion of the best places to buy cheap laptops online two websites will probably come up over and over again, and And with good reason, these two have emerged from the post dot com bubble era to dominate the online retailing activity.

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Find a Cheap Laptop on has become the starting and end point for anyone looking to purchase an item online and have it delivered to their front door. The company has become so huge and omnipresent, that not having a certain product on its seemingly endless inventory of stuff would come as quite a shock for many customers.

The rise of online retailing have disrupted many important industries, especially those that rely on brick-and-mortar stores to distribute and promote their wares. While physical storefronts still exist today, a veritable mountain of stuff have been steamrolled into an online existence and away from a shelf and store floor. Laptops are no exception. Plenty of stores still carry laptops on display but the sheer fact of limited physical space severely restricts the number of models and options in any given building, even the ones that look more like stadiums than a store. A quick search on reveals thousands upon thousands of laptops from all the major brand names and companies, some whom you've never heard of but are headquartered in another country far far away. Yet, with a few clicks of your mouse, nearly every single conceivable model and configuration of laptop computers under the sun are available to be shipped to your bare feet in a matter of days.

Amazon is probably the best place to start your search for a cheap laptop. Not only is the selection the widest of any online retailer, but the prices can often be cheaper than buying from an actual store. In addition, almost every single product has a secondary source of vendors or individuals looking to sell the same item for less. There is a huge market of used and refurbished goods that are almost always cheaper than the official price listed by Amazon. If you do not particularly care whether or not a laptop is brand new, but only that it works at a good price, then this market is for you.

However, even the briefest of searches, will reveal plenty of laptops from reputable companies available for just a few hundred dollars. Companies like Acer and ASUS have long been praised for designing and manufacturing great computers that simply work at an affordable price. carry their laptops by the thousands, in every single size and configuration.

A survivor of the dot com bubble, eBay emerged from the pile of dead internet companies to establish itself as the go-to online marketplace for individuals looking to auction and sell their merchandise. As a result, a kind of Wild West spirit pervades the website where almost anything goes with regards to what is bought and sold. There are homemade photos of brand new laptops still in their plastic wrapping alongside blurry photos of ancient broken computer parts. Famously, the first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer. When the founder inquired the buyer about the nature of the item to make sure the customer knew of its condition, the buyer replied, ā€œIā€™m a collector of broken laser pointers.ā€

In addition to the brand new and the latest and greatest, many people also post vintage items or products phased out of production for sale. Some listings end up generating controversy and/or publicity simply by the odd or rare nature of the item. There was once a working Super Nintendo system complete with all the games ever released for the console, a massive 721 functioning cartridges. It illustrates the sheer range of merchandise in every condition imaginable for sale on

The vendors themselves are as variegated as snowflakes. Many use eBay as their main source of income and establish professional reputations and product listings. Others are just looking to gain some extra cash by selling an old laptop after upgrading to a new one, with the old one still perfectly functional. There is the occasional seller who just happens to have two of a product by some stroke of luck or coincidence or gift-giving and is looking to pawn one off.

Whatever you are looking for, eBay probably has it, including cheap laptops. There are literally hundreds of thousands of results when searching for laptops, even laptops made from defunct companies and carrying dead brand names. If you relish having the greatest possible options at wildly varying price points, you might want to check out eBay.

When you find yourself needing to buy something online, beginning your search on Amazon or eBay is definitely not a bad idea. They are two of the best places to buy cheap laptops online or anything else you can possibly think of that exists in the world.

Where is the best place to look for cheap laptops?

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