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The Best Portable Cell Phone Signal Boosters Of The Year

Updated on August 22, 2014

Top Rated Cell Amplifiers To Take With You On The Road

If you've ever used a cell phone signal amplifier in the home or office then you probably understand how convenient it would be to take it with you wherever you go. We've all had plenty of experience with poor cell phone coverage when we travel and a portable booster can help solve a lot of these issues by giving you better coverage while outside of your stomping grounds.

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Generally speaking a cell booster works as a "middle man" between your cell phone and the cell tower. The antenna that picks up the signal from the cell tower is powered and simply redirects an amplified wireless signal to your phone. When your phone attempts to send signal back to the tower the booster reverses the processes sending a much stronger signal back to the tower giving you better quality calls on both ends.

What makes them portable? They don't require a rooftop antenna nor are they structurally designed for vehicles.

In short the cell signal boosters featured below are powerful amplifiers of cellular phone coverage but they are designed to be stuffed in a piece of luggage or a day-pack and be used in just about any location.

Portable Cell Phone Amplifiers & Boosters

The biggest advantage of buying a cell signal amplifier that is possible is that you don't have to buy multiple units for the home, office, and for the car. Portable units can travel with you giving you the best network connectivity possible wherever you are... plus they tend to be a bit cheaper too.

Ever Wonder How These Things Work?

I could easily summarize the way these things work. They act as a go between between a tower and your phone. The tower connects to the device which is powered by your car's electrical system and then the device sends the enhanced connection to your handset.

Basically the battery on your phone is simply not going to be as strong as a powered external device. This is why a device like this will give you a better connection.

Below I've included a video that helped my understand how these devices work a little better. I think it will help you too.

Wilson Electronics Clear Things Up For You

This video was produced by Wilson Electronics, one of the main brands in this space. It helped me understand how these things work a lot while doing my preliminary research.

This video is applicable to both home and car installations.

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