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Best Samsung Galaxy Note Case Options and Galaxy Note Accessories for You

Updated on September 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Cases and Other Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best Android smartphone in the market today. This device packs a great punch with all the benefits of a smartphone while maintaining smartphone portability with a large 5.3-inch screen. It also has a rear camera and one upfront. These cameras are important to note (pun intended...LOL!) when picking out a good case for your phone. Getting a good case and some fun accessories will make owning your Galaxy Note really great.

BoxWave Samsung GALAXY Note DuoSuit

(Fits both AT&T and International Versions), Slim-Fit TPU Skin Case for Samsung Galaxy Note

(Jet Black)

1) Form-fitting Cases (soft flexible materials)

Many people like the idea of a form-fitting case that is specifically designed to fit your Samsung Galaxy Note perfectly. Some form fitting cases will only fit the AT&T version while others will fit the International version. Then there are some Note cases that will fit both AT&T and International versions (the one one the left is one such case). So this is something you should look for when considering your case options. Another feature of some form-fitting cases is that they have anti-slip properties. This is great as it gives your Samsung Galaxy Note a more "grippy" surface. Some people have the problem of dropping their phones due to poor grip (usually because the phone is too smooth and sleek, especially when new). Another great feature of form-fitting cases is that they tend to be lightweight, but yet still offer a durable design to protect your Galaxy Note from scratches and bumps that comes with daily use without adding any unnecessary bulk. A great feature of the case on the left is that it has an embossed area around the stylus so that your fingers can easily find the stylus port even when not looking.

elago G4 Slim Fit Case for at&t, International Galaxy Note

2) Form-fitting Cases (hard materials)

Unlike the case shown above, which is made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a soft flexible material, there are other cases that use a harder material, Polycarbonate. One such example of a case with Polycarbonate is on the left. This form-fitting case is another example of a case that is specifically designed and constructed for the Samsung Galaxy Note. This Note case features a hardshell, durable construction via Polycarbonate. However, the case is also coated with Polyurethane to protect the case from scratches and for better grip. A lot of people like these kind of hardshell cases because it does not add bulk and makes your Galaxy Note feel even sturdier.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Leather Case [Black], Diary Wallet Type

3) Leather Cases (horizontal flap or portfolio style)

Leather is great at offering protection from scratches and other dings that can occur with normal usage. Leather case tend to be more expensive due to the cost of having real leather. Some people like to have a case that does more than protect your smartphone. They want a case to store extra stuff. A great example of a durable leather case that offers ample storage room for credit cards, cash, business cards, receipts, and other miscellaneous items is on the left. With case that have a horizontal fold (like the one of the left), it is important that the interior be lined with a soft material, like microfiber or microfiber chamude. This soft lining gives protection from the case itself giving your Galaxy Note scratches. A problem with a case (like the one on the left) is that the rear camera is blocked. However, you can easily take your Note out and snap pictures that you want, then return to your case. So it's not that big of an issue.

Samsung Galaxy Note / GT-N7000 / i9220 Ultra Slim Handmade Premium Genuine Cowhide Leather Case Jacka Flip Type Black

4) Leather Cases (vertical flap or flip style)

The case on the left is a great example of a leather case that is designed for the Galaxy Note as it doesn't block any of the ports or cameras (including the back camera). There is even a nice cut-out for the stylus. The flip style of case may appeal to those wanting something different in their cases.

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Note Dual Phone + Battery Dock

1) Phone and Battery Docking Station

If you want to charge your smartphone and batteries at the same time, then the unit on the left is for you. This Galaxy Note docking station will charge your phone and a battery at the same time at a fairly normal rate. Using a docking station is great for those people who don't want to mess with having a ton of extra batteries and a charger or having a phone with an extended battery pack sticking out. This Docking station does not inhibit any function of your phone and charges upright (like the picture). Unfortunately, there is no option to charge it on it's side. It is recommended that you use the wall adapter that comes with it. Others have said that you really can't use the USB from a wall outlet (if you have one of those modern outlets that have an USB option built in). The standard USB charger will not give enough power to charge both.

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Note 2 x Battery + Charger

2) Extra Batteries

If you are a heavy user of your Samsung Galaxy Note, then running out of battery power is going to be an issue for you. One of the great things about the Galaxy Note is that is a smartphone with a user removable battery. So if you do run out of power frequently, you can carry a spare battery (or two) with you at all times and then replace the battery when needed. These batteries (pictured on the left) get a good rating on AMAZON, and it comes with a charger. You will never be without power again. Some say that these batteries run out quicker than the battery that comes with your phone, but it's still a good value because you don't want to be without power when you need to use your Galaxy Note.

Samsung ECS-K1E1BEGSTA Black Vehicle Navigation Car Mount for the Samsung Galaxy Note

3) Car Mount (and Dock station)

If you find yourself in your car a lot these days, you might want to consider getting yourself a car mount for your Galaxy Note to keep your smartphone charged. The unit pictured on the left will stick to your windshield and will hold your Galaxy Note firmly in place. It comes with a very long power cord, so you should be able to place your unit anywhere you want in your vehicle without having to worry about a short cord. A great feature of this product is that it comes with voice commands. Your hands don't have to leave the steering wheel. One of the best apps is the one that turns your Galaxy Note into a voice controlled GPS unit. In addition, while you are using your voice commands, it is charging your smartphone. This is a great item to own if you find yourself driving around a lot for business or in your personal travels. It also makes a great present for your loved ones that travel a lot either for business or leisure.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE N7000 XtremeGUARD© Screen Protector

4) Galaxy Note Screen Protectors

Many people like the idea of protecting their Galaxy Note's screen with a film or screen protector. There are several different kinds available. Most are relatively inexpensive. Some are generic and you need to cut to make it fit on your Note. Others are designed for your smartphone. So keep that in mind when you shop around.

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