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Expert Shield – The best screen protector brand

Updated on September 23, 2015

The screen protector: Necessary or redundant?

Congratulations! If you are visiting this article, you have probably just invested in either your first serious digital camera or a brand new smartphone. What do these two devices have in common? They both feature a screen!

Of course, if you are here, you may also be wondering if screen protectors are a necessary evil or a superfluous extra. Having owned numerous digital cameras and smartphones over the years, I can say that, while not having a screen protector won't impede your ability to use your device, it can keep the screen in good working order for years to come, and even help to preserve the value of your device should you ever decide to trade it in for another in the future. After all, which would you rather buy: a screen so scratched and scuffed that you can hardly see the display, or one in pristine condition?

Though we've tried a few brands out there, the one we keep coming back to is Expert Shield. Not only do they make a wide variety of long-lasting and affordable screen protectors – both plastic and glass – for cameras and smartphones, but they are pre-cut to fit each individual device's screen, what the company calls its "fit and forget" philosophy.


All about Expert Shield...

We first used the Expert Shield in 2013 when we realised we needed a good screen protector for our two cameras, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Fujifilm X100s. At first, we were somewhat doubtful about whether it would do a good job of protecting the screen. Bubbles were a concern, as was the protector's resistance to deep scratches. In the end, it turned out that all our worries were unwarranted...

The Expert Shield... constructed of three scratch-repelling layers that keep your device's screen looking pristine. custom made to fit your device's screen.
...comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is covered as long as your device is alive and kicking. easy to attach and remove.
...doesn't produce bubbles if applied correctly.

How to attach the Expert Shield


Step 1: Peel off Step 1 arrow

Peel back the Step 1 tab on the screen protector and align the exposed area with the edge of your screen. Make sure you complete this step very carefully as you don't want to misalign the protector. Remove the rest of the transparent film and let it rest on the screen. Once it is attached, use a lint-free cloth to smooth out any bubbles that might appear.

Step 2: Peel off Step 2 arrow

Once you are sure that all the bubbles are gone, you can peel off the Step 2 arrow. Make sure that when you peel off the second arrow, you don't peel off the Expert Shield at the same time.

Expert Shield Video Tutorial

When we purchased our Sony a6000, we decided to try a new product from Expert Shield called Glass. As the name suggests, Glass is more durable than the original Expert Shield. It is thicker, easier to apply than its competitors, can be washed and reused, and is optically clear, meaning no reduction in image sharpness or brightness.

In terms of pure functionality, there isn't a big difference between the original Expert Shield and Glass. They both work like a charm.

The Expert Shield can even stand up to a...

What else can be said about Expert Shield? Well, they probably have some of the best customer service of any accessory brand we've ever encountered. If the screen protector gets scratched or damaged while protecting your device, Expert Shield will replace it free of charge. They are extremely responsive to customer feedback and promptly fix any problems with their products. It's hard to ask for much more!

What do you need a screen protector for?

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The best screen protector for the iPhone 6 as well?

Expert Shield *Lifetime Guarantee* ­ THE Crystal Clear Screen Protector for: Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch
Expert Shield *Lifetime Guarantee* ­ THE Crystal Clear Screen Protector for: Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch

The most popular Expert Shield screen protector is for none other than the iPhone 6. Just like the digital camera equivalent, the iPhone 6 screen protector grabs onto the screen as if it were a magnet. It comes with a no-bubble, no-scratch guarantee and can be traded in for free anytime if it doesn't live up to expectations. What's more, it comes pre-cut to fit the screen of the iPhone 6.

5 stars for Expert Shield

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