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Best Tablets for Preschoolers 2013

Updated on April 16, 2013

Tablets for Preschoolers: Nabi Jr, LeapPad, Innotab, Kindle Fire

A guide to the best tablets for preschoolers. Whether you want a kids learning tablet or an Android tablet with kid-friendly features we'll take you through the options when choosing a tablet for a child aged around 3-5.

Preschoolers can be very tech-savvy these days. They'll enjoy playing fun and educational games on a tablet, watching videos, taking photos and videos, drawing and lots more.

Image: LeapPad 2

The LeapPad 2 and InnoTab 2 and 2S are popular learning tablets for kids. These tablets are designed for kids aged roughly 3 to 7. Both the LeapPad 2 and InnoTab 2 have color screens, tough cases designed for preschoolers, camera a video camera and educational sotware titles.

We own both of these tablets and I've compared them in detail here:

LeapPad 2 vs InnoTab 2 - Hands on comparison
A LeapPad 2 vs InnoTab 2 comparison packed with hands on details. I'm Mum to two boys, a 4 and a nearly 6 year old and we have both devices and my kids have ...

Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB

@ Amazon


The Kindle Fire is an Android tablet from Amazon but it does have some features that make it appealing for preschoolers (and their parents.) The Kindle Fire has FreeTime which allows you to set up kids accounts with the content you want them to have access to. There's also Kindle FreeTime Unlimited which is a suscription service for kids movies, books and apps. Preschoolers love eBooks, games and apps, but kids this age develop so fast and keep gaining new interests, having subscription access to lots of content is perfect.

Although the Kindle Fire is designed to be fairly tough, you'll probably want to add a protective case.

Kindle Fire for Kids
Are you considering the Kindle Fire for Kids? The Kindle Fire is a 7" color tablet, just the right size for kids to hold. It has access to lots of eBook...

Fuhu Nabi Jr 5" Tablet PC

The Fuhu Nabi Jr is a 5" tablet aimed at young children. It comes with Wings Educational Software for kids from Pre-K up. The Nabi Jr is the younger sibling to the popular Nabi 2 7" tablet (which you might want to consider for older preschoolers.)

Fuhu have an excellent reputation for tablets for kids so the reasonably priced Nabi Jr is well worth considering for younger preschoolers.

Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch Tablet

@ Amazon


Fuhu Nabi Jr Tablet for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers
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Nabi 2 Tablet for Kids - New for 2012
The Nabi 2 Tablet by Fuhu is a 7" Wifi Android tablet for kids. Find out all about the Nabi and it's design and content for kids. The Nabi 2 is the seco...

More Tablets for Preschoolers

I'll be adding more tablets for preschoolers as new tablets become available during 2013.

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Best Tablets for Preschoolers 2013

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