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Best Tablets for Tweens 2013

Updated on April 16, 2013

Tablets for Tweens - Nabi XD, Kindle Fire HD, ...

A guide to the best tablets for tweens in 2013. Preteens like their technology. They want a cool tablet. Parents want to have some control or monitoring over what their 10-12 year olds are doing.

Tablet makers are increasingly targeting the tween age group with features that will appeal to them. We'll take a look at the Fuhu Nabi XD which is designed specifically for the 9-12 age group - so older elementary or primary school kids and younger middle or junior high students.

What do tweens use a tablet for? Watching videos and listening to music, educational apps, fun apps and games, social media, Skype, browsing the web, homework, reading books, playing with apptivity toys that interact with tablets (like Furby or Skylanders.) Loads of stuff! And it's a mix of education and entertainment.

Image: Fuhu Nabi XD

Fuhu Nabi XD 10.1 Tablet PC, 16GB, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Optimized for Tweens

The Fuhu Nabi XD is a 10.1" tablet designed specifically for tweens. It follows on from the very successful Nabi 2 tablet which is aimed at younger children.

Nabi's approach is to give younger technology users really well specified technology at a fair price and add fun and educational features that will appeal to that age group.

The Nabi XD is a 10.1" tablet (that's bigger than an iPad) so tweens will be able to watch movies and play games on a nice big screen. (Note that little kids might find such a big tablet hard to handle which is why this tablet is aimed at bigger kids.)

The Nabi XD runs the Android (as do most non-Apple tablets) so it has access to lots of software. It also comes with Fuhu's own software apps for tweens and parental controls.

You can add the pad-folio case and integrated silicone keyboard as an extra. This turns the Nabi XD into a homework machine - the modern alternative to a Netbook.

There will be physical add-ons including the Battle KINABIs apptivity game with figurines.

Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB

@ Amazon


The Kindle Fire HD is also worth considering. The Kindle Fire HD is an Amazon-customized Android tablet for adults and kids. The Kindle Fire HD has a FreeTime feature that allows you to create a custom setup for each child with access to specific apps and even settings for how long the tablet can be used for various features (handy for tweens who want to play Skylanders after lights out!)

You can get 7" and 8.9" versions of the Kindle Fire. The 7" version is obviously more portable and lighter which can be useful if the tablet is used for reading a lot.

The Kindle Fire HD has HDMI output which is brilliant for connecting to a screen or projector to share a movie with friends.

As you might expect, the Kindle Fire HD is well connected to Amazon's app and book markets. So it's a good choice for avid readers.

More Coming Soon

I'll be adding to this page as we get more tablets for tweens in 2013. Windows 8 tablets will become more prevalent this year and may be an interesting option for tweens if they already use Windows at school and home (though it's not as cool as Android!)

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Best Tablets for Tweens 2013

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