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Best Toshiba Thrive Case Options and Thrive Accessories for You

Updated on October 9, 2012

Toshiba Thrive Tablet

As you know, the Toshiba Thrive is a great tablet PC. You will want to get a great Thrive case and some Toshiba Thrive accessories for it as well.

The Thrive is powered by Android 3.1 (Honeycomb). It offers an excellent way to browse the web, read ebooks, watch HD videos, play games, listen to music, and that doesn't include all the apps that you can use and enjoy.

Toshiba Thrive Cases

You will need to pick out a really good case to ensure that your Thrive tablet gets protected. You certainly need to shield your tablet from unwanted scratching that can happen if placed in a bag or purse!


Folding Cover Case With Stand for Toshiba Thrive

Some cases are made with leather while some other have synthetic leather. Meanwhile, some have hard shells. Do you want a built-in stand? Some cases have that options, and other don't . If you want a stand, make sure the viewing angles are good for what you intend. Some people want to watch movies and other videos so it becomes necessary for you find the right case that can rotate to the right angle in landscape mode. It's all these kinds of details that matter when you pick out your case.

It's very important that you case does not hide or cover access to the ports and controls. Some cases have loops or other surfaces that enable a stylus and other accessories to clipped to it. Also of high importance is the inclusion of soft material on the inside that faces the screen. It should be obvious..... you don't want any scratchy material facing your screen or your screen might get scratched!

Poetic Slimbook Leather Case for Toshiba Thrive

Toshiba Thrive Cases on Amazon

Toshiba Thrive Portfolio Case for 10 - Inch Tablet (PA3945U-1EAB)
Toshiba Thrive Portfolio Case for 10 - Inch Tablet (PA3945U-1EAB)

Durable hard-shell construction

easy access to the controls and built-in ports


SumacLife Full Size Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Toshiba Thrive 10.1-Inch 8 GB Android Tablet AT105-T108

1. Toshiba Thrive Keyboard: If you have any desire to turn your Thrive into a netbook, it's very simple with the aid of a keyboard. Keyboards are great for those who want to do more with their Thrive instead of just reading ebooks or watching videos. It gets cumbersome just tapping away at the virtually keyboard instead of a real one with physical keys. If you are this person, then this item is for you. Get a keyboard that can be easily paired with your Toshiba Thrive tablet. Some keyboards have neoprene backing which makes it skid resistant. Some keyboards come charged, while others have to charged before using. Some keyboards have LEDs so you know it's being charged. A nice feature of some keyboard is a slot or hole as a place to keep your stylus.

Toshiba Thrive Screen Protector for 10.1-Inch Tablet


2. Toshiba Screen Protector: Many people complain of fingerprints and scratches on the screen that come with the use of your fingers to navigate your Thrive. An easy way to prevent finger grease and accidental scratches is through the application of a Thrive screen protector. Alternatively, you can consider number 3 on this list. You will want to pick out a screen protector that will be a great fit your Toshiba Tablet. Screen protectors are great at helping protect your Toshiba Thrive from dirt and scratches. Most screen protectors can be applied without liquids or special solutions to make it adhere to your screen. And if you ever take it off, you want a Toshiba Thrive film that will not leave any sticky residue behind on the screen.

Toshiba Thrive State of the Art Dual-Tip Aluminum Stylus Pen

3. Toshiba Thrive Stylus: Some people hate putting on a film or screen protector. Or they say it alters the way the screen is seen. You can use a stylus to navigate your way across the Thrive. You won't get any fingertip grease or finger scratches this way. Not all styli are the same. Some are dual sided. Pick out one that has good rubber tips that wont scratch or damage your Thrive's screen. If you have other touchscreen devices, you may already have one and already know how it lets you type away emails and such, drag and scroll during web browsing, and overall makes navigating easier. Pick a stylus that is lightweight and fits easily in your handbag or backpack

Toshiba Thrive Multi-Dock with HDMI for 10.1-Inch Tablet


4. Toshiba Thrive Docking station: Use of a docking station can reduce the wear-and-tear on the Thrive's ports and cable plugs. You can connect to your HDTV or LCD monitor and view HD content. In addition, you can safely charge your Thrive using the AC Adapter included with your tablet. Some models are

hot swappable, which means that you can add or remove your Thrive without having to reboot it. Of course, you will need a docking station that provides you with easy access to your Toshiba Thrive's built-in ports.

Toshiba 6-Cell Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack for 10" Thrive Tablet


5. Back-up parts: Items like a replacement battery may be great to have especially if you plan on using your Thrive often. In addition, consider getting other spare parts like extra power cords and such.

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    • Mr Criminology profile image

      Bigwas 5 years ago from Philippines

      I recently bought a Toshiba at300se tablet 10.1 inches so the cover for the Toshiba thrive may as well be the same

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      lensesbyjames 6 years ago

      I am glad I goo the tab.

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      Anime-e 6 years ago

      This seems as good as the other asus one!

    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 6 years ago

      This seems as good as the other asus one!

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      Ronlove LM 6 years ago

      Good Information.

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      Attractive Lens.