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Best Touch Screen All-in-one Computers 2013

Updated on April 16, 2013

Find an all-in one Touch Screen Desktop Computer

A guide to the best touch screen desk top computers for 2013. With Windows 8 coming out and everyone being used to the touch screens on other devices, touch screen desktop computers will be a popular choice in 2013.

We have an all in one desktop PC as our family computer. It has been a great choice, the big touch screen works really well for browsing the web, looking at photos, drawing, playing games and lots more.

Manufacturers are currently trying out lots of different form factors for home touchscreen PCs so you'll find a variety to choose from.

I have an IT background, specializing in choosing the appropriate technology for a particular problem. I'm also Mum to two boys in a household where we love our tech.

On this page we'll look at the best touch screen desktop computers depending on your needs.

Top All-in-One Touch Screen PCs

More information on these all-in-one touch screen PCs below. There are in various sizes and for differing budgets and usage patterns.

What to Consider when Choosing a Touch Screen PC

  1. If you want to take full advantage of Windows 8 then you'll want a 10 point touch screen (multi touch) to make full use of the touch capability.
  2. What angles will you want to work at? Will you be working mainly in upright mode. Do you need a slope for drawing? Do you need a machine that can lie flat on a table top? (If so, you can also look at Big Tabletop Tablets.)
  3. What inputs and outputs do you need. For example do you need HDMI in sound you can use the monitor as a big screen for your tablet?
  4. A typical specification in 2013 would be an i5 processor, 6-8 GB memory and 1TB storage (I'm finding storage less important as I use the cloud more.) Sometimes you'll find a faster i7 processor or a slower i3.
  5. Typical screen sizes are 20", 23" and 27" measured across the diagonal. How big a monitor are you used to?

Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One Touch Screen SVJ20217CXW 20-Inch Desktop (White)

@ Amazon


The Sony VAIO Tap is an all-in one touch screen computer with a nice big 20" screen. It's also semi-portable so you can move it round the house - watch a movie in the bedroom, follow along with a recipe in the kitchen, let the kids play some games in the living room. It's like a really big tablet!

It also has a wireless keyboard so you can get some work done and the kids can do their homework.

The Sony VAIO Tap has a battery so you don't need to have it plugged in all the time. This is very practical. (We have a touch screen desktop which has to be plugged in and it's a pain to move it.) I highly recommend this feature. You can manage with fewer computers / screens in the house if you can readily move your computer to where you need it.

I've long been a fan of the Sony VAIO range and this is a gorgeous and practical machine.

The Sony VAIO Tap is available in black or white and there's a cheaper Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One Touch Screen SVJ20215CXB 20-Inch Desktop version with an i5 processor instead of i7.

Samsung Series 7 DP700A3D-A01US 23-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop


Samsung Series 7 DP700A7D-S03US 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop


The Samsung Series 7 Touchscreen All-in-one Desktop is designed for Windows 8 and supports multi-touch.

This all-in-one PC is available with a 23" or a larger 27" desktop. It's not easily portable like the Sony Vaio machine above but is very much designed to be a desktop machine.

It does have some neat gesture control features - you can adjust the volume by gesturing your hand and even move the cursor without actually touching the monitor (handy when you're cooking and don't want to get butter on the screen.)

These are well-specified machines from a solid brand.

HP Envy 23-d030 23-Inch Desktop (Black)

@ Amazon


HP Envy TouchSmart is a 23" desktop (also available in other sizes) which offers an i5 processor (plenty good enough for most home and office tasks.)

23" is a good size for a family or every day computer. A wireless keyboard and mouse are included which reduces clutter. In theory you can use Windows 8 without a mouse, but if you're already used to using a mouse then you'll probably find yourself reaching for it, at least initially.

This machine is also available in the smaller (and of course cheaper) 20" version if you're looking for a small machine for a kitchen or bedroom perhaps: HP Envy 20-d030 TouchSmart All-in-One Desktop.

Acer A7600U-UR308 27-Inch Desktop (Black)

@ Amazon


Acer A7600U-UR308 is an all in one computer with a 27-inch touch screen (that means it measures 27 inches across the diagonal.) Yes, that's a nice big screen with 10 finger touch.

It has a wireless keyboard for less clutter and looks very stylish too. Design is somewhat subjective, but the design of the Acer very much appeals to me. Increasingly PCs are part of daily life and not necessarily tucked away in the study so this is an important factor.

This machine also has a good range of angles for the monitor. You can have it in a traditional desktop mode or at a low angle like an architect's drawing board. It covers a range of 30 to 80 degrees from horizintal.

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801-B037K 18.4-Inch Desktop

@ Amazon BUY NOW

This is a very interesting new desktop machine from ASUS who have had success with the Transformer tablet range. The ASUS Transformer AiO can be used in Windows 8 desktop PC mode. It can also be used as a huge 18.4-inch Android tablet or remote Windows 8 display.

Very versatile.

Telikin TLMS18T3202W Home Desktop Computer (White)

@ Amazon


Telikin Elite 20" Touchscreen Computer (1.6Hz Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive)

@ Amazon


The Telekin Desktop computers are all in one touch screen computers designed to meet the needs of seniors and others who are cautious of technology. The touch interface is much easier to master than a mouse for many seniors who did not learn to use a computer when they were younger.

This is not a Windows 8 computer, it's an custom interface designed for seniors (it's based on Linux, but the users don't need to worry about that.)

The Telikin focuses on features for seniors like large text and support that understands the needs of seniors.

These machines are very much aimed at their target market who value simplicity over the latest hardware.

Touch Screen Laptop Computers

Another option is a touch screen laptop computer.

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More Touch Screen Desktop Computers

I'll be adding more touch screen desktop computers as new models are released during 2013.

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Best Touch Screen Desktop Computers 2013

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