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The Best Touchscreen Chromebook

Updated on November 20, 2015
Asus Flip Touchscreen Chromebook
Asus Flip Touchscreen Chromebook

Chromebooks come in all shapes and sizes (read "features and prices"), but the touchscreen feature is the one I applaud. If I had to buy a bigger computer with a large display size and faster processor, I would spend a couple hundred more dollars and get a decent Windows laptop. However, I do love the versatility of a Chromebook, plus it was only a matter of time until touchscreen models were available.

Below are some of the touchscreen Chromebooks models available, and the variation in RAM and display size will help you to determine the best model for you. However, I have yet to see a 13-inch touchscreen Chromebook.

Touchscreen Chromebooks

11.6-inch display with 2GB RAM
Chromebook Flip
10.1-inch with up to 4GB RAM
IdeaPad N20P
11.6-inch with 2GB RAM

As we can figure out from the above minimal table, touchscreen Chromebooks so far hasn't come in the popular 13-inch display model. Every model by Acer, Asus, Dell or Lenovo is either 10-inches or 11-inches. HP has a 14-inch model, but it honestly feels bulky and I would rather recommend a Windows computer than a Chrome OS if 14-inches is your priority.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Acer C720PLenovo Ideapad ChromebookAsus Chromebook Flip
Acer C720P
Acer C720P | Source
Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook
Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook | Source
Asus Chromebook Flip
Asus Chromebook Flip | Source

Comparing the battery life and price

One of the primary reasons someone buys a Chromebook is because of its simplicity to get more things done. And this is achieved by a longer batter life. Even the most basic of Chromebooks come with at least 7.5 hours of a single-charge battery power, but some go beyond.

For example, the Asus Flip delivers all-day battery of 9+ hours. This has to partly do with its smaller display size (10.1").

Lenovo tops out at 8 hours while the Acer C720P gives 7.5 hours.

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Weight, Memory and Price

Chromebook Version
Weight and Hard Drive Size
2.65 lbs, 32GB
$320 to $350
2 lbs, 16GB
$220 to $250 (eBay bids are as low as $180)
2.9 lbs, 16GB

Best 11-inch Chromebook

Not only is the Lenovo Ideapad N20P heavier than the two other touchscreen versions, it also offers the least amount of hard drive. For just $20-$50 more, the Acer C720P (opens in a new window) seems to be the best 11.6-inch touchscreen Chromebook.

Watch the full unboxing and review of Acer C720

Best 10-inch Chromebook

On the 10.1-inch side, the Asus Flip is one real bargain. It can be folded all the way and used as a tablet, a touchscreen stand or a touchscreen notebook. The stylish body also resembles that of a Macbook.

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