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Best Way To Protect Your Hearing In Using Earphones

Updated on April 10, 2012

How to use the in-ear headset more healthy

Headphones have become a part of modern life, the vast number of students and office workers are Walkman headset users, most of them are young people. they use the headset for a long time. Over time, more and more problems show up, people began to discuss how to use the in-ear headset more healthy.

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Before the lens, let me do some poll

Did you know how to keep your hearing healthy?

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the healthy use the earphones
the healthy use the earphones

Did you know the important of the healthy use the earphones?

Wrong habits of use the earphones will damage your hearing healthy!

Health in the use of headphones is the Europeans the most attention, not only in some countries limit the use of earplugs, recently introduced bill, legislation provides for a portable audio player limit, can be described as comprehensive protection. But the rest of the world and not related to the bill, but many people have the default headphones on hearing damage, often the Internet people can be found on the forum, many users who have long wearing headphones listening recession appeared more or less , of which the most obvious Walkman earplugs.

However, many users are not obvious, perhaps because the headset user base is very young, the user may recognize that the hearing itself will be inevitable decay increases by the age factor. So many users do not pay attention to fashion headphones become hearing killer. But I am afraid that chronic damage to be shown when users more than 40 years old of age.

Why headphones can cause damage to hearing?

The truth of the headphones use.

I do not to prohibit all use headphones as a starting point but hope to express some of the more simple theory, to remind the users attention with ears healthy.

First, because the headset attached to the ear, very close to the tympanic membrane. In this environment, ears will be got a long time constantly stimulated, particularly prone to fatigue tympanic membrane. Long sound stimulus spread to the cochlea from the tympanic membrane, resulting in cochlear microcirculation and feel responsible for causing the sound within the cochlea hair cells and spiral nerve damage, causing noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. This damage is caused by the principle of natural headset, the damage is unavoidable. Specifically are there different types of headphones with no small difference.

Because of the headset are too close to the tympanic membrane, a large volume of mass destruction to be far more than the speaker. The most frightening is use the headphones on the street or a noisy environment, cause users want listen to the music will increase the volume, and if users do this will be make some damage for their hearing.

The headset many not be the natural hearing killer, but allows users to unhealthy using habits, the headset will be make a damage of your hearing. Now, in the market of headset, there are a variety of noise-canceling headset became popular, but not every headset can protect the health of hearing. So, let me see what kind of headset will be the most healthy?

in-ear earphones
in-ear earphones

You need know about in-ear earphones

There are 2 kinds of in-ear headsets, open in-ear headsets and the closed-Ear sound isolating Earphones. There are some differents with them. In a noise environment, use the closed-ear sound isolating ear phones will be more healthy than the open in-ear headsets. Why? Cause the close-ear earphones will be have a better noise canceling function than the open in-ear earphones, and make the users listen to the music with a smaller volume. By listen to a small volume will be protect your hearing. But if you in the quiet environment, the open one is more better than the closed-ear earphones. cause the close one have greater pressure on the eardrum than the open one. So, choose an appropriate environment to use the correct headset is the best way to protect your hearing healthy.

Monster studio
Monster studio

3 Points to keep your hearing healthy

1st, To adjust the volume. As we know, the most way to protect your hearing healthy is to listen to music with a right volume. This requires users to remember the volume they have listen to in a quiet environment, and if use the headset in a noise environment, don't make the volume do not exceed 1 / 3 of the quiet environment using volume. if the outside is noisy, give up listening, choose other activities to protect hearing.

2nd, Control the use of time. Remember to enjoy your music but not more than 2hours. That will be protect your hearing healthy.

3rd, Listen less to stimulate the type of music. Close high low-frequency stimulation is an important factor affecting the tympanic membrane, but also directly stimulate the brain, down a long time and even affect their daily routines.

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Four kinds of main methods to help you keep your hearing healthy

1,Choose the right kinds of headphone

According to the British study reported that, Over a long period of use of headphones, the eardrum can cause fatigue, the most serious cause inner ear cell death. This is because the headphones will sound transmission to the ear, but without any buffering.The over head headset is more better than the in-ear earphone in the hearing healthy.Because the headset, the sound will pass through the outer ear that will be a buffer for this sound, but the in-ear headphones directly to the sound transmission to the inner ear.

2,The 60-60 principle

Do not use headphones more than 60 minutes, and using headphones the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. This is the internationally recognized method of hearing protection.

3,Use noise canceling earphone in a noise environment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization has announced that: There is no harm to human hearing when the average daily noise levels below 70 decibels. If you in a noise environment, you need take one noise canceling earphone.

4,Throw away your headphones, in the running

Listen to music with headphones in the running time is a very bad habit for your hearing healthy. Cause the rhythm of the music will affect the rhythm of your running pace, your brain will affect blood circulation, leading to people more easily tired, not only for hearing damage.

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