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Best FREE Weather Apps For Blackberry

Updated on October 18, 2014

Check out These Top 3 FREE Weather Applications for Blackberry Smartphones

It is well known that Blackberry's App Store is the smallest of the three majore smartphone producers (Apple, Blackberry, and Android). There are still several good apps out there. There are currently 55 weather apps alone for the blackberry marketplace. Let's Take a quick look at the top 3 free weather apps for the blackberry.


Blackberry Weather

BeWeather, also known as blackberry weather is a simple and straightforward weather app. It tries to model itself after the original iphone weather app. As you can tell by the screenshots, the weekly forecast looks similar to the iphone weekly forecast.

The App is fully featured with the following (for free):

* Current Conditions, including 'feel-like' tempurature

* Five-day Forecast

* Compact Daily view or Full Forecast View

* Customizable Homescreen Icon showing current weather conditions.

The Weather Channel App

No-one does the weather quite like the weather channel. This app includes everything you could think of in a weather forecast, including radar maps.

Weather Channel App includes the following features (for free):

* Detailed Forecasts

* Radar Maps

* Access to weather through your calendar or address book

* Airport Delays

WeatherBug App

If you have already read my 'Top 10 Blackberry Apps' lens, you will know that I only use the WeatherBug App on my blackberry.

The WeatherBug App includes the following features (for free):

* Live neighborhood weather

* Current conditions icon and current temps

* 7-day and hourly forecasts

* Daily National Weather Outlook

* Detailed Radar and Maps

What weather application do you use on your blackberry?

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