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The Best Wireless Printers for iPad

Updated on November 30, 2015

What are the top rated wireless printers for the Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, Air or the Mini in 2014?

I've narrowed down a couple of affordable wireless printers for iPad so that you can get the best one tailored for your custom needs. Since the iPad was released, Apple enthusiasts have been looking for ways to print their pictures, pages or documents that they have on their favorite tablet. Fortunately, in recent years, printers have increased their capability to produce quality images and documents via a wireless connection, making them fully compatible with the Apple iPad.

I'll highlight and review the top rated and bestselling printers on the market for use with your tablet. They all have great reviews and high quality pages quickly with impressive results. Several of them are also lightweight and don't take up much space on your desk, freeing it up for more of the important things (such as sorting through bills, upcoming event calendars, and keeping pictures of family and friends). Sending important documents or photos from an iPad to a wireless air printer is a quick and easy process once you get the right model.

The 3 Bestselling Air Printers Under $100 on Amazon

If you only have a few moments to spend here and would like to see some excellent budget iPad printer options over at Amazon, the products below are highly rated and have great reviews.

Epson Expressio XP-850 Premium Photo All-in-One Wireless Printer Review
Epson Expressio XP-850 Premium Photo All-in-One Wireless Printer Review
5 stars for the Epson XP-850 Expression Printer

Epson Expression XP-850 Wireless Printer

**Top Pick** Affordable, space saving, and compatible with iPad, iPhone, and other tablets

The Epson Expression XP-850 is a wireless all-in-one printer that is small and compatible with tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices. The XP-850 inkjet has a couple of key features that makes it really stand out among the crowd.

  1. The ink cartridges are high capacity saving you money on ink over the long term (up to 40% savings). Because I usually produce a lot of high resolution documents with my iPad 3 or the mini, I go through a ton of ink, and this wifi printer helps minimize the amount of additional cartridges I would typically have to buy if I went with another brand.
  2. The paper tray can hold up to 30 sheets, which is an added benefit for those who want to produce large documents. The photo tray also has it's own dedicated space.

Epson Expression XP-850 All-in-One Printer

  • High capacity ink cartridges keep replacement costs down
  • Brilliant quality picture production
  • Wireless set up is fast and easy
  • Large touch screen gives you options for print finishing
  • Two sided printing, faxing, scanning or copying
  • Easy printing setup with your iPad using Epson Connect
  • Energy efficient, saving up to 70% energy than traditional laser printers

Epson Workforce 845 Printer Review
Epson Workforce 845 Printer Review

Epson Workforce 845 Wireless Printer

The Epson Workforce 845 can save you up to 40% in printing costs over their color laser counterparts. The high capacity toner cartridges give approximately 2 times more production before having to replace them. The Workforce 845 has a massive 500 sheet capacity paper tray so you don't have to worry about feeding it new paper constantly.

Worried about smudging the ink on the paper? It has an instant dry standard feature which also is water resistant and doesn't smear. Each ink cartridge is individually replaceable, so you don't have to end up replacing a full set when only one runs out. The Workforce printers are considered one of the quickest double-sided wifi printers on the market.

Epson Workforce 845 Printer

  • Seamlessly send photos or documents to the 845 with an iPad
  • Large 7.8 inch touch panel with 3.5 inch LCD screen
  • Uses noticeably less power than competition brands (up to 70 percent lower)
  • Only con is that it does take up some desk space
  • Option to scan directly to PDF from the touch panel

HP Envy 120 Wireless Printer Review
HP Envy 120 Wireless Printer Review

HP Envy 120 Wireless Printer

Print, copy, or scan with this handy and slim desktop machine

The HP Envy can print, copy or scan documents, pictures and more. It works exceptionally well with Apple iPad devices by utilizing the ePrint feature. Setup is a snap with only three main parts (the unit itself, cord and the cartridges). You can use the included setup CD or go directly to the HP site to install drivers. There is are several mobile options, including an ePrint option that allows you to use a special email address anywhere from the web to print out your desire pages.

Overall the HP Envy 120 has great performance packed into an affordable, durable and stylish solution for the iPad Air or Mini.

  • 4.3 inch color touchscreen with ability to download free apps
  • One of the great benefits of using the HP Envy 120 is its ability to automatically print double sided
  • Retractable paper tray holds up to 80 sheets at a time and can publish 4 pages per minute in color and 7 pages per minute in black
  • Automatic 2-Sided production saves you money on paper
  • Operates very quietly in the background (with Whisper Quiet Technology)
  • No additional software/apps needed to operate from your iPad, tablet, or mobile device using AirPrint

Canon PIXMA MX892 Wireless All-In-One Printer Review
Canon PIXMA MX892 Wireless All-In-One Printer Review

Canon PIXMA MX892 Wireless All-In-One Printer

Easy, user friendly interface and setup for Apple iPad. "Pictures turned out beautiful"

The Canon Pixma MX892 Inkjet printer packs a ton of performance in a small package. With this all-in-one, you can print wirelessly from virtually anywhere in your house. Since mobility is important with an iPad, it is nice to be downstairs and still be able to send my photos or docs to the printer upstairs. It is also compatible with online photo and document storage sites like Picasso, Google Cloud, Pixma Cloud, and Gmail making it really convenient to print out your stuff very easily and quickly.

The touch screen lets you edit the image on a 3 inch LCD screen, creating the perfect picture before it actually prints. No drivers needed to operate the MX892 using the iPad, iPod or iPhone. The Pixma also lets you use both sides of the paper saving you money over time.

  • Touchscreen viewing with editing
  • 9600 max dpi means that pictures are going to have amazing resolution
  • HD Movie option allows you to transform movie clips into printable images
  • AirPrint and Mobile Device Printing lets you easily manage operations from iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone
  • 5 ink system makes remarkably realistic prints (with very affordable ink options available)
  • 35 sheet feeder tray

Using the Canon Pixma Airprint Feature with the iPad

Are you interested in seeing more products for the portable and convenient iPad Mini or Air? - Check out the Epson Expression XP-410 below:

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