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Best Wireless Mouse for Mac and PC 2014

Updated on February 21, 2014

Review the Latest Wireless Mice for PC and Mac

The wireless mouse has been around for a long time, but this year we have a few new mice that are making an impact. The latest wireless mice have batteries that last longer, offer more precision, and work on just about any surface. In this post I'll review a few of my favorites and give you a list of a few other mice you should take a look at as well if you're in the market for a new mouse.

Apple Magic Wireless Mouse
Apple Magic Wireless Mouse

Apple Magic Wireless Mouse Review

For all you Mac daddies out there, this Apple mouse is highly rated and very popular. This is one of the first multi-touch mouses designed. It is Bluetooth compatible and has 20 times the standard optical tracking than others on the market. I was very surprised at how intuitive this mouse is; it is also lightweight at only one pound.

Very Sensitive and Sleek

The tiniest of sensors were built into the device to detect even your smallest movements. I would have to say that for someone who likes to palm their mouse, this one will become uncomfortable after a while because it has a very low profile. This would not be recommended for someone who spends hours upon hours using a computer/mouse. But for general everyday kind of use, it holds up quite well. It also matches all other Apple products for smooth office décor. Buyers should also be aware that sometimes the mouse is so sensitive that it will scroll when you don't want it to. This became kind of frustrating for me but it didn't take long to get the hang of it.

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse
Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

This has to be the coolest mouse I have ever seen! The futuristic design looks amazing on any desk. Because of the slim design, I did notice that it took me a while to get the hang of gripping it since there isn't much to the sides of the mouse. The manufacturer states that the unique design actually helps save battery life. The reason this is so is because you can curve the mouse to turn it on and flatten it to turn it off. That in and of itself, was just plain fun.

Use on Carpet

Your scrolling is handled all by touch and the mouse can be used on different surfaces; from rough or soft to anything in between. This makes it easy to pop a squat on the floor with your laptop to work or play. With just a click you can turn Auto Scroll on and off quite easily. This thing is very light at under a half a pound as well. You get a 30 foot range which is more than adequate for most people. This mouse worked very well for me but I can see how others with bigger hands might find it uncomfortable. I love how well it tracks on different surfaces, the versatile scrolling pad and how sturdy it felt.

New Wireless Mice from Microsoft 2014

Logitech Wireless PC and Mac Mouse
Logitech Wireless PC and Mac Mouse

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

For PC and Mac

This mouse is another that is good for different surfaces. Not as versatile as the other mouse we just reviewed, but still a great option, is this device from Logitech. This mouse works very well on glass and other smooth surfaces.

A Better Way to Charge

I absolutely loved the USB cable that comes with it to charge through my computer; this saved me the time and money that it would take to keep up on battery changes. With an AC adapter for wall outlet charging, you have another option to keep your device fully energized. However, I will say that I did have to charge it every few days, but I prefer not having to buy batteries for my devices, so this was not a deal breaker for me. This mouse is a bit pricey but should hold up under average use. If you need a mouse to use for 8+ hours a day, then you must remember to charge it frequently, or find another device that meets your needs better. I noticed that the sculpted design was very comfortable on my hand during long term use. I would have to say for someone who needs a very ergonomic mouse, this is your best bet.

Best Wireless Mouse from Logitech 2014 - A list of Logitech's Most Popular Wireless Mice

Logitech Wireless Mouse M505
Logitech Wireless Mouse M505

Logitech Wireless Mouse M505

This mouse has battery life of up to 15 months which is the longest I've seen a mouse be said to last. I used this mouse every day for over 6 months and did not ever need to change the batteries, so I see how this claim might be true. The on/off switch was very convenient; the trick is just remembering to turn it off in the first place. This mouse worked pretty well on polished and wood grain surfaces but was not as smooth as some of the others we have discussed here. The manufacturer claims that the range is up to 30 feet but I found that I was only able to go half that distance. There are others who claim that the unifying receiver is spotty over time.

Great Design

The design is also very comfortable and did not bother my hand after hours of use. The grips on the sides were very nice and kept my hands in place while vigorously moving the mouse around.

M570 Wireless Trackball
M570 Wireless Trackball

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

With backwards and forwards buttons, you can get through documents or web pages very quickly, and it incorporates a scroll wheel and programmable buttons. The extra buttons can sometimes be hard to operate, especially those of us with small hands, but overall, it is easy to use with smooth tracking. For people who have pain during mouse use, this device makes a great office companion.

Innovative Track Ball:

The best feature of this mouse has to be the trackball. It is very handy to use instead of having to drag a mouse around a surface. This makes a great device to use in a small space.

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