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Best Workout Headphones

Updated on September 8, 2012

It is nice to listen music while running or doing any other sport.Best workout headphones are the best way to listen music, while doing what you love to do.Listening music can be motivating.So listening your favorite music while doing your favorite sport is just great.

Although there are many headphones on sale, there are few workout headphones on sale.So choosing best workout headphones can be tricky and ridiculously time consuming.Also many headphones claim to be good and comfortable, but actually they are not as good as the advertiser claims them to be.Many of the workout headphones break easily and are not very durable in long term.Also some workout headphones have very high price for a low-quality product.For your comfort we have chosen the best workout headphones.

Best workout headphone for runners

Sound is important and this is a Sennheiser product, meaning that the sound is perfect, sound is really excellent.The workout headphones are extremely light-weight, weighing less than 16g(0.57 ounces).

It´s very comfortable and doesn´t fell off, when running or working out.Also it seems to be very durable product, probably will last for a long time.If using some exercise clothes the wire doesn´t get in the way.

This product looks quite nice too, it is not over designed neither it is not a lame boring headphone for workout, it is very well designed, but almost all Sennheiser products are.

Overall this product is very comfortable, durable, well made and looks nice.Price is very reasonable.This is one of the best workout headphones for runners and for everyone, who likes to listen music while doing sport.

Bluetooh workout headphones

 This makes a great jogging headphone It is a high-quality built durable product from company called Digi.

It is very comfortable to wear and stays where it suposed to stay.It´s durable and will last for many years.Also the design of this sport headphone looks nice.

These workout headphones have in ear built noise-cancelling.So these are actually noise-cancelling headphones.

Overall this product is durable, has great desing, has several hours of listening time and has great value.

Best workout earphones

 These workout earphones fit very well in the ears and when you are already running you don´t need to adjust them anymore.The earphone´s loop is soft and very flexible.

The sound quality is good, it is not the worst sound quality, but it´s not the best quality as well.So the sound is OK.But what´s amazing is that, the earphones block background noises very well.

Durability, this product is a product from JVC, meaning that it should be a high-quality, durable product.And it is.

Overall this product has good design, excellent value, good sound quality, it is comfortable and easy to use.This product is highly recommended.

Philips workout headphones

 Let´s start with the sound.Sound is really remarkably great.Sound quality is really a pleasant surprise.Bass is great and deep.

It also looks very nice and is very comfortable to use.This Philips sport headphone is very lightweight and looks awesome.It doesn´t fell off and stays on very well.

It´s very durable also.Do you notice the little yellow thingy?Well it is a really great and helpful feature.It prevents you from breaking this headphone.It is called pull relief.

Overall a really great product, durable, comfortable, excellent sound quality, looks nice and has great value.Definitely one of the best workout headphones.

Sony workout headphones

These sport headphones are very stylish and have great sound quality.Also they don´t slip off very easily.

This Sony product has a great feature, it is waterproof.But this has a downside as well, it´s uncomfortable to wear these headphones while wearing glasses or sunglasses.

Thanks to the behind-the-head design, these headphones don´t mess your hair up and they look awesome as well.

Overall a great product from Sony.It´s waterproof, has great sound quality, is somewhat comfortable, durable and has a great value.


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