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Best youtube videos on how to grow a vegetable garden for beginners

Updated on March 25, 2015

Home gardens

Gardening at home is a luxury for people who have land. A good landscape gardener would use additional skills to design a vegetable garden that is clean and functioning.

Most people who have balconies and terraces also grow vegetables. Let us learn how to plan your own backyard vegetable garden design or get inspiration from these videos.

If you have a balcony full of sunlight almost year around or at least for six months read this article and learn how to create your vegetable garden.

Do you have a balcony?

A peaceful balcony garden
A peaceful balcony garden | Source

Balcony gardens

Balconies are a good place to start your garden. It receives sunlight and is free from pests because you are providing constant vigilance.

They also can be cleaned easily unlike the ground. Weeding also can be done easily!

You can use the vegetable garden layout ideas from these youtube videos.

Choose the correct place to keep your pots. Let it have enough sunshine.

You can also try a winter vegetable garden in your balcony with a greenhouse.

Couple talking in the terrace garden
Couple talking in the terrace garden | Source

Terrace as gardens

Most of use terrace for gardening. It can turn a blank space into a riot of green colour and bring the fresh smell of flowers right next to you.

Use the terrace wisely to grow vegetables and fruits.

How I see gardening

I find gardening very engaging and removes stress. The practice takes time to perfect.

Gardening is also a great way to use valuable time.

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Terrace garden
Terrace garden | Source

Bottle garden - guiding video

This video teaches us how to have our window bottle garden. Bottle gardens are a new concept used by fierce environmentalists who want to make good use of non bio degradable wastes like plastic bottles to produce food.

Bottles also take up lesser space compared to pots. They also don't break up very easily.

Learn from this video how you can create your own bottle garden in your widow sill.

Bottle gardening in windows

Vertical container gardening guide

Vertical container gardens is a clever way to produce vegetables and herbs using less space.

The garden has plants in the same pot but at various levels and directions unlike normal container gardens. You can grow 53 plants according to the video below.

Let us learn this fun way to create vertical container gardens around us.

Grow 53 plants in 4 square feet

Barrels for gardening

Unused liquid container barrels can be turned to gardens. This video teaches us how to use huge plastic barrels to plant potatoes.

Learn and inspire others to grow their own produce.

Grow 40 lbs potatoes in barrels

Vegetable garden ideas and tips

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Vegetable garden layout guiding videos

If you have ample land the these videos will help you with their vegetable garden layout designs.

Using clever vegetable garden layout could save you lot of dollars.

Small vegetable garden design ideas

Harvest videos from youtube

The following videos inform us how gardening can give us huge harvests. Look at the large number potatoes these farmers could grow right next to their homes.

You must use the correct agriculture techniques to be successful. Using proper pest control is essential in potato farming especially if you have rats.

Enormous harvest

Yukon harvest


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