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bitconnect the bitcoin trading platform

Updated on November 4, 2017
Bitconnect The Bitcoin Trading Bot.
Bitconnect The Bitcoin Trading Bot. | Source

What is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect is a top cryptocurrency that was created in the beginning of 2016. They held a successful ICO (Intial Coin Offering) and raised enough money to start a new innovative journey that has changed many people's lives. Bitconnect is also a Bitcoin trading platform that gives its users multiple ways of earning.


Bitconnect offers an amazing lending program. You can loan out your Bitconnect tokens to a volatility software trading bot that trades the volatility of Bitcoin vs. the US Dollar. Investors earn daily interest and up to 40% per month. Bitconnect has been paying it's users everyday since March 2016.


Hold your Bitconnect tokens in your Bitconnect desktop wallet and stake them to earn 8% interest on your coins per month. Not only will you increase the amount of tokens you own, you will also get the gains from the increase of the coin value.


Use a CPU/GPU mining rig to mine new Bitconnect tokens into existence. Each Bitconnect token is currently being traded at $280 per coin. The coin was originally for sale for 15 cents back in 2016.


Use Bitconnect's built in exchange to trade the Bitconnect token against Bitcoin.

bitconnect trading bot software volatility Bitcoin.
bitconnect trading bot software volatility Bitcoin. | Source

1st Annual Thailand Conference

Bitconnect has just finished hosting it's first annual conference in Thailand. Bitconnect has invited their top investors and anyone who is using the platform to attend. Top investors had all expenses paid to join the excitement. Cars and money were given out as prizes. Bitconnect also made some big announcements like the launch of their smart credit card, slated to be released December 1st.

Bitconnect Roadmap

BItconnect has plans to include a web staking wallet for users who aren't technical enough to use the desktop wallet. Huge marketing is taking place with the launch of their music videos and the announcement of Bitconnect being added for sale to the HitBTC exchange.

Bitconnect Expansion

Bitconnect has been opening offices world-wide and signing up to attend big blockchain events. They are growing everyday and have endless amounts of money being generated. The company itself makes money all the ways users can. They also earn 20% profit off of the profit they are generating for you by investing. The company is stable and has been paying daily for two years. Some people have even become millionaires from the site.

Market Capitalization

The Bitconnect Token has a current supply of around 8 million tokens and is capped at a total amount of 28 million. The coins are created based on the demand for the token. The token is needed to make loans to the Bitconnect software trading bot. With the current supply of tokens it makes Bitconnect valued at somewhere around 2.2 Billion dollars.

Joining Bitconnect

If you're interested in learning more about Bitconnect feel free to go to


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