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Blackberry Playbook Review 1

Updated on June 23, 2011

I had in my hand last night the new 2011 Blackberry Playbook tablet from Rim.

I'll try and give you my honest opinion on this new high tech gadget which runs from 500 - $700.

Click Here to Buy the Blackberry Playbook from Amazon

Click Here to Buy the Blackberry Playbook from Amazon

First of all, it is small, compact and weighs a little more than what I thought it would. This device would fit nicely into a vest pocket and is easily carried to meetings or just about anywhere. The screen size is just 7", less than a netbook but extremely clear. It has speakers hidden on either side that provide quite a nice sound actually. This tablet can take crystal clear movies or snapshots. There are two cameras -- one in the front and one in the back. If you take a picture with the front camera and you happen to be on the left, the resulting photo will have you on the right -- different. Photos and movies are easily stored with the touch of the screen. A mouse is not required because everything is done with the touch of a finger. By swiping the screen upwards, a keyboard pops up allowing you to type the same as you would on a laptop - cool.

By using your thumb and index finger, one can widen the screen either vertically or horizontally and the entire screen can be zoomed in to provide a much larger view for reading purposes or seeing the detail of something up close. You can surf the Internet the same as you would on any size computer, simply with the touch of your finger. I found this unit to be fast loading and quite addictive and very futuristic compared to growing up in the 1960's. I think I was born too early because I love this high tech stuff.

Some of the drawbacks about the Playbook would have to be it's small size and I'm only saying that as an older adult. I don't believe the younger generation would consider my complaint here as legit. I think that as your eyes get older, your vision gets older and not as good as years gone by -- therfore the small 7" screen is definately something that would be a hindrence. Also, I found the keyboard not as good as your home computer. It looks alright on the screen but I found that I was typing letters that I didn't want to type. I suppose that would come with practice but someone with large fingers would certainly have a very difficult time.

It's battery life is about seven hours which is good and it comes with download ports on the one side and an earphone plugin on the other side. You can adjust the volume with the touch screen. I noticed that after a while, the screen is filled with fingerprints and smudges but can be easily cleaned off with with a cloth or even on your pants so it's not a big deal.

The Playbook also comes equipped to handle "Flash" for games, etc, whereas the Ipad 2 from Apple does not and will not as Apple has stated -- the reason being that Flash programs use up the battery at a fast pace. So if you happen to like "Flash" on your computer, the Playbook does possess this capability.

Overall, I found the Blackberry Playbook to have a very appealing look to it and quite a handy little item when going on trips because of its easy portability. On the other hand, I feel that it's too small for my liking but then again, as I said earlier, that's probably because I'm an older adult and my eyes don't function as good as they used to. I suppose with laser surgery to correct this thing about wearing glasses, I might change my mind. That's about the only real negative thing that I can say at this point. I had it in my hand and it felt a little heavier than what I thought it would but would that stop someone from using it? Well -- probably if you had a sore wrist or arm.

I haven't really got around to using the Ipad yet but did have one in my hands at Walmart. It's a lot bigger screensize overall and has basically everything the Playbook has, but I'm not doing a review on the Ipad here, so I'll leave this alone for now.

Here's one thing to consider. The Playbook I was using last night was on loan from Rim to one of its testers and when I asked him which he would prefer, either the Blackberry Playbook or the Apple Ipad 2, it was a thumbs up for the Ipad 2.

So there you go. Now it's up to you to decide. Hope this article helped you out in your decision to buy or not to buy the Playbook.


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