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How to Block Pinterest

Updated on October 7, 2012

How to Say No to Pinterest

Most people online welcome additional traffic from Pinterest, however, there is a real copyright issue. If you are concerned about protecting your work you can block Pinterest users from using their toolbar "Pin" browser add-ins by adding some HTML code to your site.

Pinterest Copyright Issues

Pinterest Terms and Conditions basically say that when users pin items, they either own the material they are pinning or that they have been given permission to reproduce the content they are pinning. They also go on to say that web content publishers who embed a "Pin It" button directly on their website, are agreeing to have their content shared. This is important on sites like Squidoo where that "virtual permission slip" is automatically part of every page.

What's really contradictory is that Pinterest unofficially is for sharing works that are not your own. In fact, it's considered good Pin-ettiquitte to not self-promote.

HTML Meta Tag to Block Pinterst

How to Block Pinterest Video

Photographer - "Why I Deleted My Pinterest Boards"

Can You Block Pinterest on Squidoo?

I'm still searching for an answer to this. However, I believe that by publishing on Squidoo you are ocncenting to have your images reproduced and shared on Pinterest. That might be something you want to think hard about before posting your own work.

Pinterest Allows Websites to Opt Out

What do you think about Pinterest and copyright laws?

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