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Make Money with Your Blog - Display Advertising

Updated on March 5, 2015
AdSense can be a quick, efficient and effective way to monetize your blog
AdSense can be a quick, efficient and effective way to monetize your blog | Source


Many bloggers, content creators and writers dream of making good money with their blogs. Although it takes a regular, dedicated readership, a unique approach and compelling content to create significant income, there are several straightforward ways to easily monetize a blog.

Display advertising is one of the easiest ways to create a semi-passive income from your blog or website. This article explores using Google AdSense as a revenue stream, together with providing hints, tips and advice on how to make the most out of the platform.

Advertising on your blog with Google AdSense or other display networks

A successful blog can be an attractive place for advertisers to market their products and services to your readers. If you publish in a specific niche and have lots of good quality content, contextual advertising is an effective way to start monetizing.

All of the ad networks function in a similar way; you signup for an account, get some code from them and insert it into your blog or website. The code will then analyze the content of your pages and display ads that are designed to be relevant to your audience.

If a reader clicks on one of the ads on your website, you can get paid anything between a few cents to a dollar or more.

The biggest network by far is Google AdSense, although Bidvertiser and Chikita also provide display advertising.

AdSense allows you to display advertising alongside your blog content
AdSense allows you to display advertising alongside your blog content | Source

Google AdSense

You can sign up for AdSense in a few minutes, and once you're approved, it's easy to inject the code into your content and start to benefit from clicks, however there are some areas that you need to be aware of:

  • Terms of Service - Google AdSense has very strict terms of service that limit what they will and won't allow you to do as a publisher. One of the main areas you must be aware of is not clicking on your own ads. If you ignore the terms of service, Google can close your account, and it is almost impossible to get another one
  • Relevance - You should understand your blog audience, so refine your ads to appeal to as many of them as possible. This could be through allowing image or text ads, restricting certain advertisers, trying different ad sizes and thinking about the type of device that ads will be viewed on (since mobile devices display ads differently to full size screens)
  • Revenue - You're not going to make a lot of money from advertising unless you have thousands of visitors a day. A reasonable rule of thumb would be to assume between $2 and $5 of revenue for every thousand visitors your blog manages to attract; it takes time to build an audience and the money they can generate through AdSense

AdSense allows you to create different types of ads to optimize your revenue
AdSense allows you to create different types of ads to optimize your revenue | Source

Getting revenue from AdSense

Hints and tips to get the most revenue from display advertising on your blog

  • Write high quality content that displays relevant ads
  • Focus on the niche of your blog
  • Create engaging content that readers want to share to draw more visitors
  • Use the reports in AdSense to see the types of ads people are clicking on
  • Tweak the design and placement of your ads to maximize the number of clicks that you get
  • Run experiments in AdSense itself to test variations of your ads
  • Carry out basic search engine optimization to increase your visibility in the search engines and get more people to your site

An example of advertising alongside content
An example of advertising alongside content | Source

Advantages and disadvantages of display advertising

Advantages of display advertising: Simple to install; can be tested, tweaked and refined with little effort; easy to use and well known; can become a passive income stream

Disadvantages of display advertising: You need lots of visitors to make money; very strict terms of service; need lots of good quality, relevant writing on your site; takes time to be accepted to AdSense

How To Setup Google Adsense - Adsense Tutorial

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In closing

Google AdSense and other display advertising networks are a common way for bloggers to start monetizing their writing.

It's important to understand that you do need lots of content to make significant amounts of money from this revenue stream, but once you have a dedicated audience, it can be an effective way to benefit from your blog.


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