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blog writing experience - ThienPham

Updated on May 1, 2016

The difficulties will encounter when you write Blog

There is the idea that blogging is a fairly simple job template, and just good hard learn to follow the guide is available, if the fact is so then why have countless bloggers, but there are only a few names are known to everyone. It originates from the reason that only who learn in depth about the blogging field may be aware, the work of blogging not just as simple as the way people record the confidences on his diary, it is work that requires flexibility, technical requirements must reach certain levels and to create attraction the main, because of the demands that the Blogger meet difficulties on the road of development blog but you should remember one thing that stuck was born to us pass. So let's keep that going.

To overcome difficulties when writing Blog

Is an experienced Blogger blogging nearly 5 years Security London also inevitable difficulties and not a few times put themselves in position or choice is forced to cope with difficulties to continue the passion or is finished to write blog, situations that keep repeating when each new games onto a development Blog help yourself learn to overcome difficulties, turn difficulties into the motivation of writing, the strength to share more.

Lack of article writing ideas
There is a general notice in any Blogger would starters is that they have so many things to write, they can hug your computer all day to write from the other article to this post via bored, knew no end of ideas but also how resources will be exhausted if you tapped it in a way that no unreasonable good upbringing.

The idea of blogging, then you will also like these other resources never is endless even someday it will be exhausted sooner or later, though, a certain Blogger confronted with questions should write what next? and the only way to find out the answer you can step forward development path Blog.

The idea of blogging

But don't be too worried about this issue by even the Blogger name also faced this situation every day, you are just one of them rather than the exception so calmly sat back to establish a writing plan, sort articles according to the order that you see to such thinking you will find lots of ideas new or cough that previously had accidentally forgotten, besides visiting several rival Blog site you will rejoice because there are many good ideas in the early morning chanced upon coughing.

"The idea has always come when we truly knowledgeable about the field itself is pursuing" you always keep this in mind, it's like a key, a guideline Guide for thinking you know what to do next, all the explorative analysis to understand every corner of the field you choose to write a blog will never be useless even by just 1 Italy blog topic-related small well enough to write a long post to talk about it, you totally do this when it has reached the level of understanding the problem.

No longer find excitement
Any one also have something new an exotic attraction, time began to build the blog too, you as the owner of the source of tremendous strength, you take all the best skills, virtuosity, the highest attempt ... to create and nurture his spiritual children. As time passed the child your spirit gradually bigger it requires not only in you the try, feelings that it is also necessary to durability, responsibility, creative thinking that makes you suffer, the pressure for you to continue to nurture the spiritual son now is not really voluntary early thủa that is responsible for you feel it's a burden that make you feel excitement no longer. Can be financially?

Find inspiration-inspiration when writing Blog

The last time you had an eye to, you see it's not constantly stop sharing to go more and more value, but what you see is just the surface, hidden in a corner deep in the soul not less times yourself feeling depressed, themselves lost confidence and have the time don't seem to find a bit of inspiration to continue development of the Blog.

A day herself found no longer interested to continue blogging again, think secret and himself decided to fold the computer again to find out his life in reality, I don't intent to hike in the real sense of himself recalled also on a beautiful day like this alone make the decision because his blogging are attracted by this work, his passion for it.

Think it makes you see yourself poor, if wasn't there today, then why choose how to start, and then I realized the sea at fuss at people's peaceful too also have fun at the bass at ardent tired sad should not always people can also nurture the spiritual child with excitement. So completely not feel pressure when it is no longer interested in blogging, so let's take each at work again to step outside with natural scenery with birdsong and learn to accept everything as a rule by was the bird leaves the bird must sing to green leaves as well as had started then have difficulty.

When you no longer feel the excitement then don't rush the decision ends, any decision given in a hurry are prompting people to regret so give yourself time to heal again, the mood of calm will help you properly recognize the problem and have thorough solutions , make use of all possibilities to maintain the steadfast and Belgium.

Lack of time
Blogging is a job but it's not enough make sure to choose blogger here is the best source of revenue for themselves, only the blog really has a passion for building passive income to generate additional income besides his main job so even the professional bloggers also have only given time for Fund blog.

When the footsteps on the path of developing a new Blog you know that it takes more time than you think, you don't just need time to write articles that still need answering comments, email responses of readers, to the idea of writing, building development strategy blog ... even you also sacrificed both time travel game less time sleeping, but still not enough.

Myself was so much you passionate enough, enough possibilities to develop the blog but still had to give up because there is not enough time and myself also not exceptions, each on his own only about 2 h watches intended for the development of the blog if you don't want to "Panda".

You see a lot of you look forward to one day have more than 24 hours, this is not possible, the time is always fair with everyone, not just now but forever until a later date also will only have 24 h clock only, by the Earth only spins 1 round and kim map Lake only 2 laps to complete the orbit during the day and night. If so, why they succeed and you become a loser when choosing how to end, don't tell yourself that they are better than you, it's ridiculous when the brain is composed by 2 million nerve neural as to how other people accepted ourselves not as good as them.

Let's abandon old habits by building for themselves a reasonable scientific timeline and enlist draft outline articles, it only takes 3 minutes for you to do this but save you hours by written before the frame posts will help you not be obstacles that will more active when content deployment.

Under attack
You don't ever ignore this risk is subjective because even if what you share is absolutely right, the sayings then also impossible from other people hate, in a country as complex as Vietnam culture then this more popular envy, hate stems from several reasons very much different at a very ridiculous:

Because you more proficient.
Because you are more people more interested in them.
Because you are wealthy than they.
Because they did not agree with your views.
Because they loathe you? don't need any other reason.
Blo bla reasons any more ridiculous than anymore so please emphasize that to ward off the psychology of boredom or to shake hands to rebuild from scratch then you back up your data on a regular basis to have restored the source when under attack, besides using advanced security techniques of Wordpress to avoid the risk of attack is also a France or.

However, you can minimize the risk of being attacked by the way on the ones that I want to mention here is not the tricks to prevent the risk of attack, even when the port closed, the wall high House you can still suffer from identity theft by absolute nothing at all so let's build a spirit is despite being attacked, then your blog will still live will develop, when you choose to terminate the reasons blogging is attacked i.e. you've recognized the survival of blogs that you create hard and dominated by a different hand.

A wrong development orientation
In the long way to build strong blog you always have to constantly create new value for their blog by developing the theme but this job is very easy to make you make mistakes, there is a common error to the extent of any blogger would also encounter sometime it's going too far from the original purpose has been proposed or more specifically is ignoring the core values the core of the blog, please be alert to enhanced this error by simply breaking your blog it will lead to loss of control.

There is one advice for those that plan to develop the blog that is be careful before bringing out the renovation for his blog is about the content, just a step wrong you will be very difficult to return to the original direction led to the loss of nature blog.

There are very few hits, and the article has no comments
There are few hits is very easy to cause cause frustrated Blogger blogging, this psychological removed totally understandable because you write a blog with the purpose of sharing knowledge has struggled building to as many people as possible but don't have access to the other isn't you're inner monologue This situation is encountered, please try the following:

Rewrite the article with less interest and added that those factors attract the reader.
Use social networks as a means to PR to Blog.
Writing the replies to your question.
There are less visitors was bored but the reader without leaving comments are sadly over, to complete an article you have to pack in there how emotional center that people read it didn't give the feedback comment or a brief thanks myself, understand very clearly about this by so many and will also have blogger encounter this problem.

Do you remember the reason impels you to create what is blog? Is to share everything you know, to satisfy criteria of creativity, to make money ... and not just to you reading the comments of readers so don't just because of this reason that ignore the great purpose. So great is the Blog Security London after a development time also has the figure and was proud to receive many comments of the readers.

Not out of money
When was the choice of the path to become a professional Blogger, then surely everyone wants to gain some certain profit so new there is no cost to you the better investment for your blog, in fact very few blogs have developed breakthrough if there is no investment costs and the Blogger can not breathe air to live to write the blog.

At the moment you don't rush to abandon take investment costs to build the blog by sources of income that you get from other work and think before income generating blog you need time to nurture it, other than the usual website blog can make money by a lot of different forms If logical operators it will bring maximum effectiveness. So the need for a plan and goals for your Blog? Create for yourself a copy.

Have you encountered any difficulties in the hard on, keep trying and never give up by only continue continue to overcome difficulties to reach the destination, you have failed you reach the path of success that sometimes success too fast also is not a good thing.


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