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Blogging Groups

Updated on March 17, 2015

Importance of Blogging Groups

Blogging Groups are important for professional and new bloggers online to showcase themselves in online web. Especially for new bloggers, it is an opportunity to meet professional bloggers blogging about the top trends in web

Initially, you may not be a member of any Blogging Groups, however, you can quickly change that by browsing active blogging groups by category or doing a Google search.

Given in this lens are some of the top blogging groups that help in your blogging career and also provide useful blogging tips

How to blog online
How to blog online

Getting started with blogging groups

Build a strong blog profile

Before getting started with blogging groups, it is important to have a good profile for blogging groups.

Before you jump into all the discussions, it's a good idea to fill out your profile so when people begin to wonder about who you are (and if you participate enough, they will), they'll know how to find your website. To spark additional interest, you may want to add a picture to your profile as well.

You can read the article How to be successful online to learn more about the use of blogging groups to get recognized online


Top Blogging Groups in Web

Blogging Groups in Web

There are some top blogging groups in the web where expert bloggers share their opinion. One such blogging group which is very active in web is Blogging Tips for Bloggers. You can join the group and share your expert opinions on blogging.

Identifying the blogging groups

Getting into the top blogging groups

There are hundreds of blogging groups in the web. It is important to identify which of these blogging groups is best for your blog. Each of these Blogging Groups blog about different topics. So identify the best Blogging Group which matches your blog and start sharing your opinion

One thing important to identify is that there are some blogging groups where bloggers unite. It is very important to get into those blogging groups to learn about the latest trends in blogging and also in your niche

Marketing your blog through social media
Marketing your blog through social media

Follow the rules of these blogging groups

Very important for new bloggers

Blogging groups follow certain rules and regulations. You shouldn't spam the groups with your affiliate marketing links or promotion of own products. If you do so, you will be kicked off from the groups. Maintain professionalism when you are using top blogging groups. Some of the Top Blogging Groups are mentioned below.

How much you earn from blog
How much you earn from blog

Advantages of Blogging Groups

How are blogging Groups helpful

Blogging Groups are very helpful for knowing about latest information related to Blogging and ideas from professional bloggers. Many think it is waste of time joining blogging groups and rather think of spending their time in web and in their website.

But it is very important to participate with other bloggers to know much about blogging and also new things that are coming in web.

Share your Expertise in Blogging Groups

Blogging Groups help you to share your expertise with people who are like minded in blogging. If you share the quality content with them, you will have good team building for your network

Blogging Books from Experts - Top Books on Blogging

Given below are some of the useful Blogging books that can help you in building your career in Blogging. Written by Blogging experts, these blogging books give you an basic idea of blogging and becoming a professional blogger in web.

Blogging Tools
Blogging Tools

#1 Blogging Tools

Learn about top blogging tools

There are many blogging tools and plugins that are used by professional bloggers. Using these tools and plugins helps in boosting your site traffic and also getting recognized in search engines.

Learn about the latest tools in my lens Latest Blogging tools where you can know about the useful blogging tools in web

Blogging Contests
Blogging Contests

#2 Blogging Contests

Learn about Blogging Contests

Blogging Groups help you to know much about the blogging world. There are many blogging contests that are held by professional bloggers. Blogging Contests range from product give aways to huge amount of money given as a reward by advertisers who are generally advertised in top websites or blogs.

Learn more about the top contests that are going on in web through my latest blog posts in my blog Sriram Raj Blog

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