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Blogging Tips for newbies

Updated on March 13, 2015

Blogging lessons for beginners

Welcome everyone. This lens is just for you if you are newbie and interested about blogging. In this lens, we will be covering information related to the different ways of using Blogging and how you can be an expert blogger. If you are a professional blogger, do share your valuable comments on the lens.

Blogging Books for Freshers - Learn from Blogging Experts

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online by sharing your expertise. By learning some useful tricks, you can earn 6 figure income through blogging. Given below are some of the useful Blogging books I recommend for new bloggers.

Which Blogging Platform to choose - Share your choice

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. If you are serious about blogging, then you need to select the best blogging platform to choose from. There are many blogging platforms available online such as blogger, wordpress, selfhosted wordpress, typepad and many more.

Blogger platform by Google is free to use. Blog Name will be You can also redirect your blog to your own .com site for just paying price for .com site every year.

Second option which is similar is Wordpress. Blog Name will be You can also redirect your blog to your own domain name but you need to purchase it from wordpress only. Advantage with wordpress is that you can have the feel of wordpress which you can move to self hosted Wordpress.

Self-hosted wordpress as the word says is the wordpress which can be used after you purchase website hosting ie., place in web where you can use your software. For this you need to be a professional and have knowledge about how to create your own self hosted wordpress blog.

There are many other free platforms like typepad etc which I think will mention to you later. If you have ever tried blogging, which platform have you tried?

Which platform do you use for blogging

Useful Blogging Links for newbies - Blogging Links for freshers

Here are a list of useful blogging links which I have gathered to get yourself acquainted with blogging. Even though you many not start earning money online blogging immediately, but you may have the chance to get started with blogging.

Not all like to start Blogging for money, there are some who like blogging as writing is their hobby. There are number of bloggers from all around the world who write on various topics. I have listed some of those sites where you can get connected from bloggers all around the world. You can also check out some of the top Blogging groups mentioned in the lens.

Blogging Groups

Groups by experts

There are some top blogging groups in web where professional bloggers from all over the world share their tips on blogging. These Blogging groups help you to have more knowledge about Blogging and help you to build a platform to make money online through Blogging.

If you want to know some of the best blogging groups, check out the lens --> Top Blogging Groups

Earn Money Online Blogging
Earn Money Online Blogging

Why I blog online

Reasons for Blogging

Many are surprised why people blog online. You may also ask me why I blog online in my personal blog SriramRaj Tech Blog. I blog because I have interest to share what I think is useful for my friends, colleagues and web friends.

Not only it helps me to get connected with like minded people from all over the world, it also gives me a chance to improve my communication and interpersonal skills. It also gives me a chance to earn money online blogging. If you are curious to know, how bloggers like me earn money online blogging, check out the lens --> Earn Money Online Blogging where I have given the list of websites which provide revenue for bloggers

Blogging Introduction videos from Youtube - Learn from Video Blogging

Video Blogging is another way of blogging that has been popular in recent years. There are many blogging experts who have started sharing their voice to people who like listening and there tutorials are very much useful in getting through the technologies.

Given below are useful Blogging Introduction videos that will help you to get started with Blogging.

BLogging Contests
BLogging Contests

Blogging Contests

Start participating in Blogging Contests

Blogging Contests is one thing which may interest you. What are blogging contests? How to participate in Blogging contests? Well there are many ways to participate in the blogging contests. Some organize contest by providing give aways of various products, some conduct Blogging Contests for money while some conduct Blogging Contests to increase readership.

Blogging Platform

Which blogging platform do you use

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