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Is Blog Marketing A Scam?

Updated on August 18, 2014

Blog Marketing And Advertising

Blog site advertising and marketing is something that has really peaked an interest in the online world. Many people on the internet are blogging, and have blogs for their businesses or use them as a stand alone self employed business idea of some kind. With their own unique content as a draw for getting traffic, they can also provide services and products to others. Another name for a blog site is web log. But you really don't hear the term web log being used very much anymore.

It's basically just an online journal that can be published for the world to review. It can also be seen as a tool for the creative extension of one's personality to shine through using their own unique content. No matter what it is you're discussing though, you must be aware of the rip-offs that are out there, and what not to do to prevent others from seeing you as a rip off or a scammer as you attempt to market and advertise your own blog through other blogging services that may be useful.

Blog advertising or actually any type of advertising has scams, and much like everything else, you're going to run into somebody that is going to want to rip-off another person and take cash from the ones that do not know much better. So the best means to safeguard yourself from blog site marketing rip-offs is to be sure you are well acquainted with them, and know exactly what they are through doing your own research. This can be difficult to do because the frauds manifest themselves as much as you change your clothes, so just stay on top of them, and understand exactly what it is you should be watching out for.

Blog Marketing In Motion

Blog Marketing Fraud

Sometimes when a blog marketing fraud surfaces, you will find that someone is going to alert the online communities about it by having their own blog that is all about scams and frauds, and will caution others before they can fall prey to it. So, just make certain that you check out and understand what you are entering into before moving forward with a blogging service you may want to use and link to. You always want to put out good informative content that will help people and not hurt them, so it's a good idea to avoid being involved with blog scammers.

While there are lots of people that will scam you with blog site marketing and advertising, there are likewise numerous people that will not, so see to it that you will be getting the very best that you can pay for.In fact contact the services or individual's references to make certain that they are who they say, and that they can deliver exactly what it is that you are trying to accomplish when doing your own blogging or using others blogging services to further your own self employed business ideas and helping others to do the same.

If you yourself have been scammed and paid money out, make sure you help get the word out by using one of those blogging scam sites that help alert people. Sometimes you will be able to recover your payments to scammers and sometimes you won't. Most of the time the fraudsters are all prepared knowledgeable about things like that, and they work quick to relocate so they won't be caught. If this is the case, you truly can not do much else about it apart from alert the appropriate authorities and count your losses.

I know that chalking it up to a loss hurts, as it's happened to me a few times but in the end you'll be all the more experienced when it comes to being taken advatage of through blog marketing scams that may be floating around on the internet. Now why not go and start your own blog and blog marketing services that will help others with their own self employed inspirations about blogging to move forward?


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