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Blogging tips and tricks

Updated on December 26, 2015
Blogging Tips for Beginners
Blogging Tips for Beginners

#1 How to get started with Blogging

Blogging for beginners

Blogging is one of the best work from home jobs in Internet. There are bloggers from different parts of the world blogging about various topics in different niches. Blogging is nothing but sharing information about things that you like, information that you want to share etc. You can start blogging with some of the best blogging platforms online.

For example if you are a photographer, you can have your own photo blog that helps you to share beautiful photos with others. You can learn more about Blogging if you are beginner from my hub Blogging for Beginners.

In this hub, you will understand what blogging is for, how you will build your credibility in web using a blog and how to gain followers for your articles.

Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

#2 Best Topics to Blog Online

Start Blogging Online

There are many topics on which you can start to blog online. Some write about their profession, some write about their hobbies, some write about cooking.

Different people have different likes about blogging. Ultimately whatever you write, you are called a blogger or professional writer. Visit my blog Sriram Raj Blog, where I write on various topics such as blogging tips, earn money online and top blogging contests going on in web.

You can choose your own subjects to write on and start writing on these topics.

Blog Zone

Blog Zone
Blog Zone

#3 Top Blog Advertising Sites - Sites which provide Blogging for Cash

Given below are some of the websites which help you to earn money online blogging. These sites help you to generate revenue by getting your website introduced to advertisers.

  1. Google Adsense

    Google Adsense is the most popular blog advertising platform. So if you are blogging for cash, then you need to apply for Adsense as soon as you write a good number of articles and informative content. Remember that your application would be rejected if your website doesn't have enough content. Once you have a good amount of content and traffic, you can easily earn money online blogging. You can Apply for Good Adsense here in the link Apply for Google Adsense

  2. Exit Junction

    Every webmaster must sign up for them. They are the only PPC network that gives a visitor ads AFTER they are exiting your site via the back button. They are not annoying popup ads. It's a page full of ads and they can go back to your site if they want. If a visitor searches for your site in a search engine and then decides to leave it via hitting the back button, they get a page full of Exit Junction ads instead of leaving your site. Normally you wouldn't make any money from these visitors because they want to leave your site and go to other results on the search results. I've found that the earnings are about 20% of my Adsense earnings, but this will vary a little for each user.

  3. Yahoo Publisher Network

    Yahoo Publisher pays almost as good as Google Adsense per click on average, but it has poorer contextual targeting than Adsense because they have a smaller advertiser base. The poor targeting, usually results in lower click through rate and lower earnings overall.

    Unfortunately, YPN has been in beta forever and it is hard to get and stay in the program. Yahoo wants quality sites in their network for now while it's still in beta. They have strict standards for staying in their program based on the quality of traffic you get.

  4. Bid Vertiser

    Bidvertiser is one of the best blog advertising platform if you are Blogging for cash. The minimum payout is 10$ for checkout and you can check out through Paypal. It provides you a wide range of banner advertising options and you can select one of the best ones for your website design. You can apply for Bidvertiser in the link Apply for Bidvertiser

  5. Chitika

    Chitika is different than most Pay per click networks because they are not Contextual based on your page content. Instead ads are served based on the keyword of a user when they come via the search engines. They only show ads when a website visitor comes from the search engines and from the U.S or Canada. If the visitor comes from another website or is not from U.S or canada then the Chitika ad is not shown. Chitika is acceptable to use in conjunction with Google adsense on the same pages because they are not contextual and they do not look like Adsense units.

#5 Blogging Books from Experts - Top Blogging books

Blogging Books by professional bloggers to help you understand more about blogging and how to get found online and become a professional blogger.

Given below are some of the Best Blogging books to know more about blogging. These blogging books help in getting started with your blog and different ways to use your blog for building credibility

#6 Top Traffic Building Resources - Useful Traffic Building Links for Bloggers

This module provides information about top traffic building resources for bloggers. This helps to get more information about blogging tips and how to increase traffic for your website or blog.

It is important to understand the importance of keywords when you are blogging about specific topic or business. There are many keyword research tools in Internet which can guide you to write on specific topics using keywords which are used by many people. You can check out these tools in my hub Top Keyword Research Tools in Internet

Expert Blogging Sites
Expert Blogging Sites

#7 Expert Blogging Tips Sites

Sites that share blogging resources

There are some expert bloggers online shares information about blogging tips and how to efficient blog online. These top blogging sites help in getting expertise in blogging, how to write more search engine friendly articles and become an expert blogger online.

Many new bloggers contact me through my blog Sriram Raj Contact page asking for queries and also adding comments. This way you get to know fellow bloggers in web and also share your expertise with others.

Feel free to add a comment and get in touch with me if you want to have any information on blogging

#9 Blogging Tips Resources - Most Useful Blogging Tips Links

There are many top hubs in hubpages which mention ways to earn money online. Even though one of the best way to earn money online is through blogging, there are many other resources that are available online to start your part time jobs.

Blogging and writing go hand in hand. If you have good knowledge of using blog, it is better to use blogging and have a credibility gained online. You can read different ways to earn money online through the hub Top Ways to earn money online where information is shared for beginners to use web for earning money.

There are also articles which shares information of how to earn money writing reviews in your blog and other websites. You can check out the hub Top Ways to Earn Money Writing Reviews

#10 Why do you blog online - Lets ask the experts

Blogging Poll
Blogging Poll

There are many reasons why people blog online. Some blog for their hobby, some blog for generating revenue and some blog to get found online and become an expert in their niche.

Lets ask all the experts and readers of this lens on why they want to blog online. There may be people like me who wanted to select multiple options but select the most important reason to start blogging online

What is the important reason to start blogging online

See results

I hope you find the blog zone interesting and useful. Share your valuable comments on the lens to make this blog zone more interesting and useful for readers.

Bloggers and Blogging

Blogging Platform Poll

Which Blogging Platform do you use for your blog

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