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Blue Bird Of Happiness

Updated on May 14, 2009
BlueBird Of Happiness
BlueBird Of Happiness

Twitter gives you the wings to FLY

Twitter is the latest craze in Social Media!

Social Networking at lightning speed with the ability to build friends lists and make connections faster than we have ever seen before. Tweeting isn't just a birdsong in the morning anymore. Its 24/7 and growing at a staggering rate.

Facebook can't touch it~ literally and people on the web can't get enough of it. Have you Tweeted your friends today?

Flocking to Twitter
Flocking to Twitter

Birds of a feather flock together

Microblogging, this is what makes Twitter so powerful.

You can only post a 140 character blast, known as a Twoosh. (Is that a Twitter slam dunk?) Popular is the art of posting a link that you want to share with everyone. It could be a link to your HubPages, which is always a good idea or something that you are reading they will also be interested in.

People fly with people who like the same things. We know this because we do it here. However, Twitter gives you an added advantage in how fast you can get attention from LIKEable people.

The microblogging platform puts a massive amount of information before you so that we have all become speed readers and txt msg gurus 2 sqz n 140 n da lttl bx. (text message gurus to squeeze 140 characters in the little box)

Twitter works like a giant LIVE in real time search engine and that is why you mass so many birds of a feather as Followers (friends).


Pass it On

When a flock of birds land in a tree they all start Tweeting. They get louder because they pattern the tweets after one another and Pass it On. Similar to the game we used to play as children.

In Twitter we ReTweet also only the message doesn't get lost as you pass it down the line because its a simple copy paste and post. This is called microsharing.

If a link or something worthy of ReTweeting goes up you simply place "RT" in front of the post so that the Twitterverse (yes we have Twitvocabulary now) knows that its good.

This is also a way to make sure that your Followers know that you are reading them and care about helping spread the message they are posting. (This will also attract more followers to you because everyone loves a Bird who can't keep something Good to themselves!)

an Original idea from @pistachio
an Original idea from @pistachio

Create a Twitter LANDING page

I follow a great gal, Laura Fitton, in Twitter @pistachio and she came up with a Twitter LANDING Page!

Like the post box, your profile box is limited to 140 characters. She actually created a new page where you could go learn more about who she was before you decided to follow her.

WHAMO that was a huge idea in Twitter and it got tons of RT's! (retweets).

It wasn't a complicated idea or process.

Here she put up hyperlinks in sentence form that would connect you to further in depth content about her interests and blogs. She also included her other social networking links so that you could ADD HER in all of the circles that you are in on the web.

Take a look at her page and if you add her tell her I sent you. I'm pretty darn happy about that Original great Tweet idea she posted which is why I used a real Blue Bird landing image to Tweet about her here. @pistachio's Page

I made one tonight but decided to have a little more social fun with mine which you can see here @myhappylaptop's Page

Thank You Laura!

It's A TWEET Life!
It's A TWEET Life!

Twitter Colony growing at 1382% and people are learning to Utilize it FAST

Like real birds, when the conditions are right, colonies can grow by the millions! Twitter is digitally duplicating what so many species of birds have done in the real world.

Currently growing at a rate of 1382%!

Facebook wanted to buy it. The bird wasn't for sale. (more in next block)

Advertisers are creatively getting in and so far not offending anyone.

Businesses, Surgeons (during surgery) and Marketers are capitalizing on it.

Twitters main use: You can keep everyone in your circle up to date on "what are you doing?" the question that you are asked in the tweet box. This way instead of having to call everyone to give them an update "TWEET!" and its done.

It also allows them to comment back if they have anything to add. I have not been on the cell phone for days unless I'm tweeting because I can have it go to my phone as well. I can post in Twitter and get more work done.

People who are in business are reporting PROFITS from Twitter because it connects them in real time with their clients and gives them a way to get feedback on products and services.

This is helping Business owners expand their business.

People seem a bit confused when they first LAND in Twitter but if you just watch and play along in now time you will be flying in formation.

Celebrities are also using Twitter. Made Popular by news anchors like Rick Sanchez and Jack Cafferty of CNN now you can find Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon has it on his new late night talk show!


Facebook loses Face when Twitter Flies the Coop
Facebook loses Face when Twitter Flies the Coop

Facebook Coveting Twitter for $500 Million in Facebook Shares

When Mark Zukerberg and his Facebook team noticed Twitter they started watching closely. This was one cool application!

Then Facebook users started Tweeting updates in their Profile "status" boxes by the thousands per hour. Now Facebook was really drooling!

Facebook offered to buy Twitter as an application that could be added to the current Profiles of Facebook. They offered $500 Million in Facebook "Shares" but the deal fell through when Twitter flew the Coop!

Why did Twitter take off?

Facebook has never proven what they are worth. Twitter owners didn't want to sell the fabulous Internet Star for "Imaginary Value", can you blame them?

Zuckerberg and his team have a problem monetizing Facebook This has made the news countless times in the last few years and that when it comes to turning a profit MySpace just keeping smacking Facebook down!

Zuckerberg didn't surrender though- he had his team build their own "wanna be version of Twitter" and implimented just this week. Its called the Stream and replaces our old status box asking "what are you thinking?"

When it launched it wasn't that great and had a ton of problems. Thousands posted angry messages not only on the Stream but Twitter was all a flitter! Its become a new saying in Twitter, "it ok to hate Facebook" even though most of us  still use it.

Is Twitter then for sale?

Good question the Blue Bird of Happiness is not tweeting about that.

Google Twitter results...
Google Twitter results...

Google Twitter Searches and results- THAT'S Massive Content

Popular search results with search words or phrases

  1. 46,800,000 twitter videos
  2. 3,060,000 twitter get more followers
  3. 27,900,000 twitter applications
  4. 34,800,000 make money with twitter
  5. 80,100,000 twitter vs. facebook
  6. 265,000
  7. 34,500

Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader

Largest Twitter Followings everyday Twitteholic crawls through Twitter to see who the biggest Twitters users are based on followers and posts them to the Top 100.

You can even search Twitterholic for your own Ranking to see how you measure up! This helps you master Twitter, if you are ranking low then you should Follow the leaders and see what they are Tweeting, the style they are tweeting in and migrate that direction!

Top 7 from Twittholics list today:

CNN 554,191

Obama 499,083

Britney Spears 464,552 (like you didn't know that was coming)

Twitter (itself) 451,911

Ashton Kutcher 360,258

Jimmy Fallon 360,258


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image


      8 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Thanks for the information!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Twitter ROCKS! You're right it is a little "Blue Bird of Happiness!"

    • myhappylaptop profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      Shelly Yes NO 12 STEP PROGRAM PLEASE!

      I have grown so much on twitter and I don't just mean with friends. I have clicked on links and SpongeBobbed up so much good stuff lately that I have a new favorites folder "TWITSGOOD" lol-


    • The Rat RaceRebel profile image

      Shelly Begarowicz 

      9 years ago from Up-North, MI

      Twitter ROCKS! You're right it is a little "Blue Bird of Happiness!" I'm now officially an Twitter addict and NO I DO NOT WANT A 12 STEP PROGRAM thank you very much!

      Keep sharing the Good Stuff, Johni!

      ShellyB, @TheRatRaceRebel


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