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Bluetooth Capable Cordless Phones - the perfect birthday or Christmas present

Updated on August 26, 2012

Bluetooth capable cordless phones ruins the game "Where did I leave my cell phone NOW??!"

Why you need a bluetooth capable cordless phone for your home:

Let me set the scenario - you've come home late for dinner (rush hour traffic was a b*tch), you're rushing around getting the kids ready for bed while the dog is circling you eager for his walk. Then you hear it - your cell phone starts its insistant ringing - somewhere off in the distance...somewhere far far away from where you are...

If you're like me, you'll be racing around the house trying to follow the sound of your cell phone's ring tone. And, the moment you walk into a room, boom! - the person hangs up. That's always the scenario in my house (minus the kids above...). But, ah mon frere, no more...

Enter the new bluetooth capable cordless phones. Now, I'd never screen a cordless phone that was bluetooth enabled. And, the truth is, I didn't even know what it was until I was informed by my friendly Best Buy employee while I was looking for my own early Christmas present. (I start early so I make sure I have plenty of Christmas presents for myself!...

Perhaps I'm living in the early 2000s but, at least to me, these new type of bluetooth capable cordless phones are the wave of the future.

So, I set off to read reviews and order the best bluetooth enabled cordless phone on the market - which I did, just this morning. Come see what these new phones offer and why you need to get or give one for your next birthday, Chanukah, or Christmas present.

Read on and let me share with you what I found about the new bluetooth capable cordless phones for your home.

Bluetooth headsets

I'm a fan of using a bluetooth headset inside the house - hands-free conversation is always a good thing to me as I like to chat while I'm preparing dinner, brushing the dogs, or otherwise using both of my hands.

What exactly is a bluetooth capable cordless phone?

And why you need one....

Ok, we've got your scenario in mind still - racing around the house - cell phone rings - can't find it. Now, if you had been saavy enough or if someone loved you at Christmas, you would own a blue tooth capable cordless phone, and you don't have to run around any longer! Instead, when your cell phone rings, your home's cordless phone rings - as long as you've paired it with the bluetooth on your cell phone. All you have to do is pick up any extension and, voila (!), you've answered your cell phone. That's how the new cordless phones roll - well, only the blue tooth enabled ones but at least some of roll that way! You can even wear your bluetooth headset and answer the calls but you have to stay within 30 feet of the base of the telephone which makes that a lousy option.

Continue on and find out why else you need a new cordless home phone with bluetooth abilities...

I bought this Panasonic model bluetooth enabled cordless home phone

This is the cordless phone I purchased, after much discussion with myself. It got very good reviews which you can read by clicking:

Panasonic TG7745S Bluetooth Cordless Answering Machine and Phone reviews

I also love that you can order this new cordless phone with 1 to 5 extension headsets so it's customizable for your particular home.


You must have a landline to use a bluetooth capable cordless phone in your home or office.

NOT TRUE! All you need is a cell phone if you want to use the blue tooth within your home or office.

More on the Myth about cordless bluetooth phones

You do not need a landline!

People think that you have to have a landline to use one of these new cordless phones but that is totally:


All you have to have is an electrical plug and you're set to go. So, if you have no landline, all of the calls channeled through your bluetooth cordless phone will be calls on your cell phone. Think of it as having 5 (or as many phone extensions as you have) extra ways to answer your cell phone! Now, that's cool - and handy!

Panasonic Link-to-cell 2 handset cordless phone model

If I hadn't needed the extra extensions, I would have bought this Panasonic Link-to-cell cordless phone for my home. It's got some nice features that the more expensive models have (such as being able to transfer your cell phone's address book right over to this home phone.

Panasonic KX-TG7622B DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone, Black, 2 Handsets
Panasonic KX-TG7622B DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone, Black, 2 Handsets

209 people reviewed this phone on - see what they have to say: Panasonic cordless phone customer reviews

The best features were the easy-to-read display, the range which this cell phone affords you, the crystal clear sound, and the versatility to use it with the bluetooth on the cell phone.


Other good quality (and some cheaper - some not so....) bluetooth enabled cordless phones

There are a lot of these new type of cordless phone on the market which makes me wonder which rock I just crawled out from's a few of the better ones, customer review wise, on

Other qualities in a blue tooth capable cordless phone

You might not fully understand what a bluetooth enabled cordless phone does (exactly....) so I'm about to spell out the cool things below.

  1. Walk into the house while on your cell phone and your home phone automatically transfers the call. This enables you to be able to pick up any cordless phone extension and continue your conversation.
  2. Save your cell battery by letting your home's cordless phones be your main mode of communication. Some of the new cordless phones even have a spot to plug in your cell phone for recharging.
  3. If you're cooking or in a messy situation, put on a bluetooth headset and continue on your cell or home phone conversations hands-free.
  4. The new bluetooth capable cordless phones may allow as many as 5 cell phones to connect at once. If you ask me, this is overkill - let the kids continue to use their own phones...this is an adults-only gadget!
  5. Some of the new bluetooth portable phones have a battery backup in case your electric goes out. That's a handy feature when one lives in a house built in 1857.....just sayin'...

I love to read the comments on my Squidoo articles so please give me something to do! Leave me a comment if you wandered by. And, absolutely everyone may comment - you don't just have to be a squidoo writer to have your say.

Ring, Ring... - Is anybody there? Leave me comments, please!

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