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Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Updated on August 2, 2012

Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Blackberry Playbook

This page is the result of my research on the best bluetooth keyboard for the Blackberry Playbook. Since not all bluetooth keyboards work well with the Playbook, it's a challenge to find one that has positive reviews and is the desired size.

On this page, you will find both full-size and small/mini bluetooth keyboards that are compatible with the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

I've found that a physical keyboard makes typing a lot easier than an on-screen keyboard. Here are the keyboards that have the best reviews. Afterall, what good is a keyboard that only works sometimes?!

Pictured: Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard - Best Deal? - Low Price for a Full Size Bluetooth Keyboard

This is the keyboard I bought. It is easy to pair with the Blackberry Playbook.

HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard
HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard


- Keys have plenty of space between them for easy typing

- Runs on AA Batteries which power down when not in use

- Batteries may last up to 7 months

- Larger than the Playbook: 5.2 x 11.2 x 0.8 inches ; 11.4 ounces

- Angled surface

- Compatible with Playbook - See this crackberry post or my instructions below.


- No number pad

Instructions on How to Use this with the Playbook:

First, turn the keyboard on (there's a button on the back of the keyboard). This activiates the keyboard's ability to pair for about 30 seconds. Then go to the bluetooth settings on the Playbook, turn on bluetooth connectivity, and click "Add New Device." Select the keyboard, and you will be given a numeric code to enter into the keyboard. Enter this code and press the Return button. Now it should be paired.


Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000 - Slim, Full Size Keyboard

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000
Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000


- Ergonomic - curved for comfort

- Sleek, ultra-thin

- Powered with 2 AAA batteries.

- Battery status indicator

- Full size. Dimensions are: 7 x 14.4 x 1.5 inches

- 2 Reviews indicate that it works with Playbook, and it is recommended on crackberry as a bluetooth keyboard for the playbook.


- This one doesn't have a number pad, but you can buy the same model with a number pad.

- Can't hold down the backspace button - have to keep pressing it to continue erasing.

- No flip up legs to put the keyboard at an angle


Mini Keyboard & Touchpad with Laser Pointer - Great for Remote Operation

Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Touchpad with Laser Pointer for Smartphone and Tablet, Black (mini X1 BT)
Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Touchpad with Laser Pointer for Smartphone and Tablet, Black (mini X1 BT)


- All in one operation for controlling your Blackberry Playbook. Alternative to a separate mouse and keyboard.

- Ideal for controlling your Playbook when it is connected to the TV for watching TV or giving presentations

- Backlit keys

- Works at a distance up to 5-8 meters


- Small (Personally, I would LOVE to find a full size version like this.) I can't find exact dimensions but the keyboard is about the size of a cell phone.


Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard for Xoom - Great Reviews! High Quality Full Size Keyboard

Motorola Wireless Keyboard for Motorola ATRIX and XOOM (Motorola Retail Packaging)
Motorola Wireless Keyboard for Motorola ATRIX and XOOM (Motorola Retail Packaging)


- Works with Playbook, as confirmed by several Crackberry posts.

- Cheap cost, but high quality - Very positive reviews.

- Full Size: 6 x 1.5 x 12.9 inches

- Runs on 2 AA batteries


- Keys are not back-lit

- No number pad


Apple Bluetooth Keyboard - Possibly Compatible

Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (MC184LL/A) (Retail Packaging)
Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (MC184LL/A) (Retail Packaging)

According to some posts on Crackberry (as well as the below video), this likely works with Blackberry Playbook, but because I have not seen a model number referenced, I can't guarantee it.


More Bluetooth Keyboards for Playbook - Current Ebay Listings

Ebay is always worth a look, but these I have not read up on, so I can't comment on quality or features.

Bluetooth Mice that Work with Playbook - Get a bluetooth mouse & keyboard and you have a desktop replacement!

Video Showing use of Apple Mouse & Keyboard with Blackberry Playbook

I'd love to hear your suggestions on which keyboards to buy and which to avoid. If you've experienced any compatibility issues or other problems, please take a moment to comment. My goal is to always present accurate information.

Calling all Playbook Owners - What keyboard do you use with your Blackberry Playbook?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      I tried the Portacell keyboard .it connects and pairs but won't type anything anywhere