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Bluetooth Watches - The Best Geek Gadget Ever?

Updated on December 29, 2012

Bluetooth Watch - Wouldn't you love to see who's calling by looking at your watch?

Here are some watches that you can connect to your phone with bluetooth. Their functionality ranges from simple caller ID to being able to read text messages, check the weather, read email, and more, all on your watch!

Wouldn't it be so cool to access some of your phone's features without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag?

Pictured: Sony SmartWatch for Android

Sony Ericsson SmartWatch - Connect with Bluetooth 3.0 - Read text messages, tweets, and more, right on your watch!

Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box
Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box

This Sony Bluetooth Watch has a touch screen that can display SMS, emails, calendar reminders, and more. It has caller ID so you know who's calling without taking your phone out. You can use apps that are downloaded from Google Play to increase this watch's features. The watch band is replaceable, so you can buy a cool looking band to make it a better looking gadget.


This is cutting edge technology!

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Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display & Vibration - A useful geek gadget!

Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration Function and Digital Time Display
Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration Function and Digital Time Display

This bluetooth bracelet pairs with your phone and vibrates when you get a call. The screen displays the caller ID number or the name if the contact is in your address book.

This would be ideal for someone who needs to keep their phone on silent and can't feel it vibrating. It's also easier to look at your wrist to see who's calling than it is to take out your phone.

The downsides are that it doesn't do text message notification, and it's not waterproof. Also you may not be able to have both this bluetooth watch an a bluetooth headset paired at the same time.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

Apple & Intel Bluetooth Watch Coming Soon

Hottest product of 2013?

This week it was announced that Apple and Intel are working together to produce an Bluetooth-enabled smart watch with a 1.5" OLED display. It would likely connect to apple products. It would integrate Apple's Siri voice assistant and users could make phone calls directly through the watch.

This accessory for the iPhone is expected to be released early 2013.

More info at

Pebble Bluetooth Watch
Pebble Bluetooth Watch

Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Coming Soon!

Pebble connects to the iPhone and Android phones using bluetooth. It can alert you to incoming phone calls, emails, and messages. It's going to be very customizable with downloadable watchfaces and internet connected apps.

Pebble can do so much more than just display phone calls and messages... It can be function as a sports watch (keeping track of distance, speed, etc), control your music, and more.

You can pre-order it today!

What features would you love to have on a Bluetooth Watch? - Share your thoughts with the world!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I would love to see the bracelet with the text message,phone caller id functionality with vibration for each?

    • Geekytricky profile image

      Geekytricky 5 years ago

      I love bluetooth watch for its multi-functional aspect, it would be better if the watch can feature compass or thermometer. anyway, nice lens!