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Bodyguardz Review - Are Bodyguardz Worth It?

Updated on September 12, 2014

My BodyGuardz Review: Yes or No?

NOTE: For my detailed reviews of Clear Skin and the Garrison iPad Case (the two products I've personally used) scroll down. First a general review...

When it comes phones, tablets, and other gadgets, BodyGuardz is a worthy option that mixes style with great protection at an affordable price.

There are a few reasons I chose Bodyguardz and why I'm a big fan of their product.

Clear Protection

For one, if you don't like bulky protectors that change the look of your gadget, BodyGuardz screenguardz clear skins and award-winning Pure lines are among the thinnest and most invisible (no "orange peel effect" like other so-called invisible options) available. It's very difficult to tell that there's anything on there.

Stylish Protection

If you like to mix style with your protection, Bodyguardz offers plenty of that too with their armor and cases lines. I was very pleased with the look, feel and protection of their Garrison case, and am pleasantly surprised by its thinness as well.

They also offer free shipping on orders above $29.95.

What are you looking to protect?

I'm looking into Bodyguardz for my:

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Bodyguardz Review - Clear Skins

My wife and I both have a Motorola Droid. (Update: We've since updated our phones but the product is essentially the same whether no matter what your device.)

Since Bodyguardz offers 2 cases per pack, it was an easy choice to protect both of our phones with one purchase.

For most people, the extra set is a little extra security in case you want to redo or replace a piece in the future.

The verdict?


It's about as thin and unnoticeable as I could have imagined. When I show it to people, they don't even realize there's anything on the phone.

Said my 12 year old niece niece, "Oh now I see it! But it's not on the sides." "Yes it is... look again," I replied. "Oh... cool" she returned.

Seriously, if you like the look of your device and don't want a bulky case, Bodyguardz is perfect.

I love the fact that I no longer care if my phone is in the same pocket as my keys. Or, if my one year old drops it on the floor.


UPDATE: Bodyguardz has improved the installation process, making it faster and easier than when I purchased my skins. I used a soapy spray installation process, that has now been replaced with either a dry or gel application method (you decide which is best for you).

My shipment arrived in about a week and was well packaged, with very clear instructions on how to apply it. The process is a little slow (my phone has a lot of edges)... but simple nonetheless.

  1. Spray your hands with the water/soap solution they provide you with
  2. Spray the Bodyguardz piece you're applying.
  3. Carefully place the film.
  4. Remove any excess solution or bubbles with the squeegee.
  5. Repeat with each piece

That's basically it.

If you don't place the piece exactly where you want it, just slide it into place. If necessary, you can also just lift it up, give it a little spray, and place it back down. The process is very "forgiving" as the solution makes it easy to move the film until it's exactly where you want it.

Be prepared to invest about a half hour into this (probably a lot less for non-droid devices which have fewer surfaces). To some that may seem like a lot compared a case you can snap on in 10 seconds, but if you ask me, it's well worth it for how unnoticeable it is.


After 12 hours of drying time, the film is perfectly clear.

It adds a bit of grip to the device, but otherwise it's fairly difficult to tell that there's anything on there. Bodyguardz will not interfere with how you use your device, Droid or any other.

Also, as I mentioned earlier... you get a second set if you need a "redo" on any of the pieces.

Great product, plus free shipping on orders above $29.95.

bodyguardz garrison case review
bodyguardz garrison case review

Bodyguardz Review - iPad Mini Garrison Case

My gift to my wife for her birthday this year was an iPad mini.

Eager to keep it safe and scratch-free I eagerly started searching for a protective case.

There are a lot of options. Actually, that's an understatement. There are bajillion options. You could shop for days the competition is so thick. But given my positive experience with Bodyguardz clear skins (not to mention a nice Black Friday discount :) I thought a Bodyguardz case would be a great choice.

I ended up with the Bodyguardz Garrison and I'm glad I did. My wife loves it too.

The protection is serious. How serious? Well if you watch the videos on their site you'll see the Garrison a) used as a cutting board and b) hung from a wall as vegetables and ceramic plates are beamed at it. My wife plans to be a little more gentle with hers, but it's nice to know it can stand up to that.

Almost as importantly, the case is THIN! Surprisingly so. It fits easily in her pocketbook without adding much additional bulk and is easy for her to hold and use securely while she's on the train. It looks nice. It feels nice. It has two positions to accommodate video viewing and typing. And opening and closing the case turns the ipad on and off automatically. It's also affordable.

I plan to update this review with photos and more detail soon.

Smoothness & Invisibility Factor

BodyGuardz Review Smoothness
BodyGuardz Review Smoothness

How Invisible is invisible? And how smooth is smooth? Some other options claim invisibility but exhibit the "orange peel effect." The film is bumpy and can yellow over time. Bodyguardz maintains their clarity and smooth finish.

External BodyGuardz Reviews
External BodyGuardz Reviews

External BodyGuardz Review & Awards

ZDNet - Best Mobile Accessory - Editors Choice Award

iLounge - Best of the Year Award

Ubergizmo - "The covering is crystal clear"

RedEye Magazine - "You won't even realize it's on"

Star Magazine - "Protect your electronics without distracting from the device's design"

Fox 4 News Dallas - Deal or Dud? - DEAL

What's your best advice for gadget protection?

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    • profile image

      Badproduct 4 years ago

      Bodyguardz for the surface is the worst product ever! I put it on a brand new surface and after one day I noticed that a corner on the back was curling up. I decided to peel it off since it looked horrible and it peeled the paint right off. It ruined a brand new devise! I called Bodyguardz and after a long day of sending pics to them and calling they just said they couldn't do anything for me. I am out of my new surface but have a new challenge in life to let everyone know NOT to buy Bodyguardz product!