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Top Five Social Bookmarking and list making sites

Updated on July 23, 2012

There has been a lot of hype recently about social bookmarking sites out there. It can be over whelming wanting to break into the online world of social bookmarking so I have compiled a short list of my favorite social bookmarking sites. In no particular order.

  1. Pinterest: Most recent site to hit the media's attention has to be Pinterest basic background of this site is users surf the web and "pin" things that they find interesting to their "boards" on their Pinterest account. This site due to its popularity is slowly becoming more and more easier to use. Users are also able to follow their friends and keep up with what everyone else is posting and even re-pin when their friends have pinned.
  2. Digg: Digg has been slowly loosing their fire. I still occasionally use this site to post things that I find on the web but since they are not as popular as they once were the button for "digging" items found on the internet have been disappearing. Upon entering thier site the user is greated with a list of all the current diggs that people have been posting, the only down side is unlike Pinterest which is very focused on getting eyes on what you are posting by using pictures Digg works like a news stand, they use headlines to draw you in.
  3. Redgage: The second I heard about this site I was in shock that it was not getting more attention, and even that it had been around for years before I found it. This site works for the user, not only do you post and share things that you find all around the web but the site pays you for impressions. Basically every time someone views content that you have posted the site awards you for the impression. My one concern for this site is that they only pay out via pre-paid debit cards and I have heard from many users that there have been issues with them. Thus far I have not made it to pay out but when I do I will be sure to update.
  4. Stumbleupon: Very popular and the sites idea is quite simple. When you are bored of seeing the samething day after day, all one has to do is open stumbleupon and hit stumble. The webiste takes your interests and finds sites that it thinks you will find interesting. Users are even able to submit content to the stumblebot so there is a never ending flow of new sites being added nearly every minute.
  5. Last but not leastFacebook / Twitter / Blogging: I grouped these three together because they are very similar. While the other sites help you create lists of things to bookmark or even help you to find things to bookmark facebook and twitter work to allow you to have a space to share with your friends what you find online without haveing to redirect them to an exterior service. Blogging I have also listed under the same number because it does not follow any of the basic rules of the other sites. Each of the other sites are a collection of various different users posts all jumbled together to create a different experience for the visitor. Much like on fabebook and twitter when a user visits a blog the information on the homepage is not ever changing like on Redgage or pinterest.

This is just a short list and I can assure you that there are millions of sites out there that will help you to sort out your online bookmarking problem but these are just some of the more popular ones. I do not work with any of the sites listed above these are all just my opinions based on use of the various different sites. I know that delicious is also a very popular site but I have no experience using them thus I have not included them in this hub.


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    • profile image

      Steven Gregory 

      6 years ago

      I think youve produced some really interesting points. Not also many people would actually think about this the way you just did. Im truly impressed that theres so a lot about this topic thats been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Actually excellent things right here.

    • nakmeister profile image


      6 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      I love Pinterest too, am just getting into it. Apart from Pinterest, my favourite is Reddit. People submit links, vote links up or down and comment/discuss posts. There are lots of really interesting books and crannies to explore, and some real hidden gems. It can be a bit daunting as it has various rules you need to stick to but is definitely worth it.

      Haven't tried Stumbleupon, Luke the idea that it uses your interests to find you good links. Will give a try.

    • steinbergr profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Israel

      This was kind of my point, the only reason someone would use say redgage is to earn money from their bookmarks, but even so their website is not up for the challenge when Pinterest came out. It just goes to show simple ideas work.

    • Ibrahim Vet profile image

      Ibrahim Vet 

      6 years ago from Egypt

      I love Pinterest ... but not sure why people will use the other websites.


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