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Ten(10) step to get out of Safe Mode using your windows computer.

Updated on April 6, 2016

1.Hold down on the Windows key and R this will bring up a run box.

2. Typing msconfig in the box that will appear(the run box)

Note this is a shortcut to bring up the System Configuration box.

3. Click OK on the box or ENTER on your keyboard.

Note. Whether it be windows XP, vista , win 7,8 or 10 this function will work and bring up the RUN BOX.

4. The System Configuration page will come up.

4. Ensure that the Check mark is on the option that says Normal Startup.

5. Click Apply.

6. Do not click on OK.

Note . If OK is clicked it will close the System Configuration box.

7. Select the tab labeled Boot.

8. Uncheck Safe boot.

9. Select Apply then you can select OK.

Note. You may get an option to Restart or Exits Without Restart.

10. Select Restart. If not reboot your Computer

Note. After the reboot the will boot in its initialized mode which is Normal Mode.

See link below


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