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YouTube: Your Best Talent Show!

Updated on July 12, 2017
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YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world: it can be considered a social network, as it lives on user interactions, even if its primary role is to provide a place in which users can upload videos and maintain a web channel, so that other ones can watch and comment them. YouTube is considered one of the most preferred social communities among teens, in some places it even surclasses Facebook! However this website is not only a social tool: it is also an effective solution to help talented people to show their abilities to the entire world.

Many singers who are now famous celebrities all around the world have been reached on YouTube by some managers who were fascinated about their musical videos published on the popular community. Justin Bieber, for example, started his career just because some managers reached his YouTube channel and liked the way Justin was singing in his videos.

Justin is only an example, however many singers became popular in this way, so that we can say YouTube is one of the best springboards everyone can use in order to show their talent to other people. In addition to singers, many people may reach fame just on the community, without starting a musical career or other types of activities. many famous youtubers all around the world are followed by thousands of people and are celebrities themselves, even if their activity is limited to inside the community.

Why YouTube is so much good as a springboard for talented people? Many characteristics of the popular community answer this question!

It is an open and free community

YouTube can be accessed from everywhere and with any device: that contributes to make the website even more appreciated among people
YouTube can be accessed from everywhere and with any device: that contributes to make the website even more appreciated among people

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This is one of the most important aspects of YouTube: it allows everyone to emerge. There are no fees to pay and everyone is able to freely upload their videos on the popular community. You can be a rich and professional video maker, while you may be an amatorial user: that is not relevant, on this place everyone has an opportunity to get known by other people. You only need to open a new Google Account, start your channel and then you are ready to upload your content. It is obvious that, if everyone has a chance to make themselves visible to the entire world, not everyone is able to do it in the correct way: making good videos require technical skills, video-mounting software, high quality equipment and good ideas: you are not going to easily become famous by uploading a low-resolution video of your pik-nic with family or friends taken with an old phone!

As YouTube is an open community, there is something to do for everyone: you can make videos, while following and commenting other ones, or do both: you will always have freedom to follow your interests in this site.

It is considered in some way an alternative to television

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Appearing on a TV program means automatically starting to become a little popular among people of your country: unless this is limited to a single interview on a local TV channel, if you appear many times (for example, as a participant to a reality show) in a national channel, you are going to raise popularity. However it is natural to say not everyone goes on the TV, while on YouTube everyone can show themselves to other people: YouTube is considered as an alternative to television: there are channels and everyone can watch videos they like, with a difference: these videos come from the same community, and not from lucky people who have been chosen by staff of a TV program, so everyone here has the ability to emerge right now, without hoping for a calling on TV.

It has a high mediatic impact

YouTube has a high mediatic impact: it is not uncommon to find some famous videos who are then featured on television (for example on a news program): this community is the place where many trends are expressed, and being so much at the centre of spotlights, YouTube is a website in which everyone is geting a chance to become mediatically exposed to the rest of their country (if not internationally). It is difficult not to find a really viral YouTube video shared also in other places.

It is social

The social nature of YouTubee makes it a good website to help people get their content known everywhere. If you make high quality videos, users will like them and so they will be disposed to promote your channel to their friends.
The social nature of YouTubee makes it a good website to help people get their content known everywhere. If you make high quality videos, users will like them and so they will be disposed to promote your channel to their friends.

This last aspect may be considered obvious, however a social tool gives people high power to spread their content everywhere. If you make something users like, they will start following you, liking your videos, and especially sharing them: then their friends will do the same, and friends of friends... becoming viral on YouTube is possibile, the key is making content that are really going to rock. At the end, YouTube users are going to make you popular in this way.

© 2016 Alessio Ganci


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