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Where to get a domain name for your website/blog and how to set it up?

Updated on February 9, 2013

Getting A Domain Name For Your Website/Niche Blog

We all see those websites and blogs with clear domain names and we wonder if we could get one too, and if so, how? It's not as hard as you may think, and you don't even need that much of a money to get one that suits your needs. There are a lot of domain name selling sites out there and I'm here to cover one that's been my partner since I started working online. You only need to do the work once and I will make sure that it's over in a few minutes. Just read on!

Why Should You Buy a Domain Name?

The domain name is the first thing visitors see on your site, and we all now that first impression is a very important factor, not just in real life, but on the Internet too. If you build your site on a free host with a free subdomain of a bigger site it will make you and your business look small and insignificant In comparison, seeing a site that has it's own domain name bought radiates seriousness and professionalism.

In addition, having your own domain name means full control over your future website/blog; so you don't have to share commissions and you have no conditions apart from playing by the basic rules of the Internet. All in all, it's a win-win!

Question Time!

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How Should The Domain Look Like?

Back to the domain name: how should it look like and where to get one? As an answer to the first question: your domain should be catchy, not too long (2-3) words, and readers must know exactly what your site is about by just looking at it. With these 3 factors in our mind, let's create an example: should work well in the niche of 'home furniture', it contains 3 words, it tells us, visitor, what the site is about, and it's catchy enough for someone who's looking for home furnitures. Let's say we want this to be our domain name. How can we get it?

A Site Where You Can Buy Your Domain

There are several sites where you can buy domain names, I will show you the one I use to buy and manage the domain names of my blogs:Dynadot. You can use another domain selling site if you know one. I'm sure it won't differ that much from this site, so this guide will fit your needs. Let's take a look at the site itself:


Don't take into account the 3 big pictures on the frontpage. You don't need domain transfers; you will not host your site on Dynadot (we will discuss hosting later), and you don't need SSL Certificates, you just want to buy a simple blog domain, so click on the little Create Account on the top of the page!

The next page is a simple registration panel; you must give information about yourself; I'm sure you don't need my help to complete this. Let's say you registered, a control panel will appear. It looks like this:

Searching For A Domain

What we need is the Search For a Domain section. Type in the chosen domain name and click 'Search'. A page like this will appear:

Buying The Domain Name

If you're lucky, then your domain name has an Available status. If it's not available for .com, don't panic, .org and .net are good too. IMPORTANT! Avoid registering domain names with an extension of .biz, .info, and even the ones with region extensions. Only use the ones in red frame. Why? Because they are the most reputable in the eyes of search engines and visitors!!! They are cheap, but they have a reason to be cheap: they are really bad for niche blogging purposes.

If you selected the extension of your domain name, click Add to Cart. You don't need to add Domain Privacy. You can pay with your credit card or with PayPal. You must renew the contract once a year; there's an auto-renew option too, so you won't have to worry about when your domain expires.


Can I get a domain name for free?

If you really want to, you can, but only if you register on a site like Weebly or Blogger. However, if you want to earn money, I would recommend you to buy your own domain. This will not only gives the feeling that you're the only owner of your site but also increases your online presence. People don't like subdomains, so if you can afford it, buy a name!

Can I use my own name as a domain?

I don't recommend you to do this because several reasons. People will not know what your site is about, they will think that it's a personal diary or something like that. The other danger of using your own name is responsibility. If you make a mistake, they will know who made that mistake and believe me, that's not the best thing on the Internet! You want to earn money online, not to show off with your name!

Should I include my keywords in the domain name?

It's not mandatory, but yes, you can as long as the domain name remains clear. If you got a weird keyword, I would not recommend to use it as a domain name. Instead, make a catchy one, with just 2-3 words in it! Just look at the big sites, they all have unique names related to nothing. You just have to use your imagination!

Trading Domain Names - If you want to take it to the next level

There are people with good domain ideas in their mind that are not exploited yet. If you're one of them, don't miss the chance to get some serious money by trading the domain names!


You finally got your own domain name; well done! If you want to know how to exploit it's possibilites check out my lens about making money niche blogging and for those of you who already went through my series: stay tuned for the next episode where I'll talk about getting a host for your blog! Take a rest and when you feel like you can make the next step, check it out!

Image courtesy of [mistermong] /

Hope you found this lens useful! - If so, leave a comment below!

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      wow, that was really detailed and clear, thx man, u made my day with this article :) I always wanted to make a real blog, but i never did, cause i didn't know how to start it...but now, thanks for u, i can start making my own site :))