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Buy the Retina iPad Mini for Cheap

Updated on July 13, 2015

Where to Buy the New iPad Mini for a Cheap Price

Welcome to our ultimate resource for finding the best for the iPad Mini. When Apple unveiled the iPad Mini in September 2012, it set the price at $329. Here we will show you the various places where you can get a cheap iPad Mini, including Amazon and eBay. The iPad Mini has become the hottest gift item of 2015, with Apple recently having to revise their sales projections for the iPad Mini from 6 million units to over 12 million! (source: Macrumors

If you're planning on giving the iPad Mini as a gift or know someone who is, then you might want to consider getting an iTunes gift card for that person. The iTunes gift card can be printed out electronically (so you don't have to worry about snail mail!) and can be set to any amount. This will enable the lucky person to purchase the apps, music and videos that they want on Christmas day.

We are featuring all different models of the iPad Mini. If you want the baseline iPad Mini model, which is has 16GB memory and wi-fi only capabilities, there will be a few models featured here (including both the white and black models!). We're also featuring all the models, right up to the 64GB LTE iPad Mini, which retails for about $720. No matter your preference you'll find an iPad Mini that you're looking for. But hurry up! The iPad Minis are selling out all over the place!

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buy iPad Mini cheap
buy iPad Mini cheap

The iPad Mini's Specifications

"The Specs"

Here's the specifications of the new Retina iPad Mini. It's currently the lightest tablet on the market, and feels incredibly thin (check out the video below to see it in action!). It has the same A7 processor as the new iPhone 5S.

  • Weight: 0.73 lbs.
  • Thickness: 7.2mm (less than 1 cm!)
  • Display: 2048x1536 resolution (retina display)
  • LTE capable
  • Battery Life: 10 hours advertised (most reviews pin it at 12-13 hours, however.
  • 720p Video

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Featured Deal: iPad Mini 16GB - Black - The Best iPad Mini Deal on Amazon Right Now (Currently $314.25)

Apple iPad Mini MF432LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray )
Apple iPad Mini MF432LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray )

Apple is currently selling the iPad Mini on Amazon at a price that varies by the day. This is the base model version of the iPad Mini, which has 16GB of memory and wi-fi only. I've always found with my 16GB regular iPad that I never fill the iPad up, even with hundreds of songs and a couple movies on the iPad. Especially when everything on your iPad Mini is backed up through iCloud, 16GB is plenty for most activities (except if you want a lot of graphics intensive games!).


Cheap iPad Mini in the U.K. and Europe

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The iPad Mini is a hot seller in the U.K. as well. As of December 17th it was the #3 seller in the tablet store. This is the best price available right now:

iPad Minis - 64 GB Models on Amazon

For when you need maximum storage. These iPad Minis feature 64GB of memory, which means you can fill them with all the music, movies and podcasts you want and never have to worry about it. If you tend to play a lot of games on your tablet (especially graphics intensive), then a larger tablet would make sense. Some games are a couple of GB in size so your storage space can fill up quickly!

Apple iPad Mini MD536LL/A (64GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G, Black)
Apple iPad Mini MD536LL/A (64GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G, Black)

This is the 64GB model with wi-fi only capabilities (it's not an LTE model).


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iPad Mini Review from MobileTechReview

This review is a bit long at 21 minutes, but it's probably the most in-depth review of the iPad Mini out there right now. Lisa Gade really gives you a feel for what owning an iPad Mini is like, from how she holds it to how it looks in different lighting conditions. It's worth a look if you're still undecided about getting an iPad Mini.

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