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How To Buy a Cheap Quality Computer Online

Updated on November 30, 2014

Buy Your Next Computer Online

People struggle to know what type of computer and where to best get one that will do the job but they rarely go to the source to find out. Cities are filled to the brim with retail outlets offering myriads of machines that might only add to the purchasers confusion.

Lets face it not everyone understands the jargon and the synonyms that go with it. If you have never used a computer you need help to decide on what you need. What is an ISP? What does a megabyte do? How much memory should one have? What programs should be installed? What is XP or Vista, and what does Microsoft offer over other programs? Is a desktop better than a laptop? Is a Pentium better than an Apple? What is the difference?

Differences in Computers

A PC is a personal computer. That is a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time Even that is confusing enough if you don't know what a microprocessor is?

A desktop is one that sits on a desk, as the name suggests, and its use is confined to that area. A laptop, on the other hand, can be taken anywhere and used on your lap or a bench or even the beach. Its portable and handy for students who also take them to libraries and lectures. Some people find them more difficult to use than a desktop, especially if you do a lot of work on it. Others find little difference and can put any inconvenience out of their mind in return for the flexibility of taking it everywhere. Of course by taking it with you there is also the chance that you might leave it behind and it can be stolen.

Once you have all that figured out the next step is to check out what is available and how each type will best suit your purpose. So lets go online and see.

What Will My New Computer Do

These days you can get a computer to do almost anything you want but if you are using it at home to run a small business or for surfing the Internet most PC's can handle it. If, on the other hand, you are attending libraries and probably meetings or classes you might need a laptop or something along those lines for easy portability.

The most important thing is not to buy one second hand unless you know the seller and he gives you some type of warranty. Computers are funny things if you don't understand them and few people sell one off if it is still in good working order. Unless they are moving, no longer have a use for it, have never used it because it was a gift or for other legitimate reason then don't touch it.

Having said that I once bought a beautiful laptop from a lady who was selling out her business and had it for her PhD. It was purchased in America and required a transformer or something to use it with the Australian household current. She sold it dirt cheap and a few months later I sold it to another student who was going to Malaysia to do her PhD and made a tidy profit. So you can get them but be careful. frankly you will be using a computer for years and why bother with something that might not work in a few months time.

On another occasion I bought a cheap second hand computer from a local guy who had updated to a bigger model. On that occasion I wanted one for my eight year old grandson and as I was not paying much for it there was not a problem. Like the laptop it finally went to an old couple who just wanted to muck around on it.

But if you are serious and don't know what you are doing then stick to these guidelines

The Most Important Thing

REMEMBER to get up and leave the work site. You need to walk around for about ten minutes every so often to avoide cramps and DVT. Some suggest doing this every half hour.

When using your computer comfort becomes very important. It's easy to cramp and even get DVT if you are sitting incorrectly for long periods of time. You must get up and walk around every so often to get the circulation into your legs and you definitely need a good desk and the right furniture for a good working environment, This is equally important for children and teens as they will form bad habits and may suffer in later life,

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