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The Camera That Can Zoom Up To The Moon | Nikon P900

Updated on September 23, 2015
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Roberto is an engineer by profession who likes photography as a passionate hobby. He is a non-cliché traveler who prefers solitude.

Are you blown away by the camera yet?

The Nikon Coolpix P900 is not just any ordinary zoom camera or a video camera. While earlier camcorders with powerful zoom gave us more than 60x zoom on a 480p standard quality, this camera changes the industry.

Not only does it offer an impressive (and mindblowing) 83x optical zoom, it also comes in at a very reasonable price - just $780. If the specs are translated into a good DSLR camera, it would translate into over $5,000 in lens alone and over $1,000 for the camera body. Not to mention, the DSLR would be heavier than 8 lbs.

The P900
The P900 | Source

Features of Nikon P900

You might have seen a viral video surfacing the internets a few weeks ago. In the demonstration video that now has over 5.6 million views, a YouTube user Lothar Lenz tests if the camera can live up to its hype.

Even if it does, one remains skeptic whether as to the camera will take a delay time to focus on the zoomed plane and it might give away. However, the auto-focus lived up to the expectations and even crossed it.

The zoom is so robust that it autofocuses within a fraction of a second and one can even see the moon revolving. How cool is that! If there were buildings on the moon, it is easy to bet that the camera would have caught them perfectly!

What if Galileo had the P900 and zoomed to the moon? :)

Here's the Nikon P900 original demonstration video

Let's get technical

Technical Specifications of Nikon P900


The P900 weighs just around 2 lbs which is heavier compared to some beginner DSLR cameras of its caliber, but this is justified since it has a bigger inbuilt lens. Most DSLRs only have a kit lens which basically is the smallest available lens.


A 16MP CMOS sensor provides that crisp resolution when shooting pictures and a true-HD 1080p at 60fps video quality.


A f/2.8 lens that has the range between F2.8 to F6.5 with 83x optical zoom.

Connectivity Features

Pictures and videos can be downloaded instantly to any WiFi or NFC-enabled cameras or devices. The Nikon has a minimalistic easy app one can download for iPhone and Android that works with the camera.

There is also a GPS feature that can sign your photos with coordinates of the location the picture was taken at.

The Nikon app for downloading photos to your phone
The Nikon app for downloading photos to your phone | Source

The LCD screen

The 3-inch LCD screen is a great tool for using LiveView mode but the image is digitally processed, so it lags a little.

Auto Focus

The autofocus quickly detects faces, single contrast objects or even continuous objects. This is great for shooting birds, animals or even cars when taking their videos.

Tripod Mount

As one can expect, for a camera that delivers this zoom, the picture can be quite shaky. Although the shutter speed can be reduced to less than 4000th of a second to sharpen the picture to an extent, it is not always possible. A tripod is essential in this case. And the P900 has got a tripod mount, so the picture/video can always be stable.

Macro Mode

Like to shoot insects or small details? This camera that can zoom up to the moon also gives sharp images at just 1 cm away.

Full manual control of shutter speeds, aperture and ISO is also possible!
Full manual control of shutter speeds, aperture and ISO is also possible! | Source

More about Nikon P900

Inbuilt Flash
Shutter Speed
up to 1/4000
Swiveling vari-angle (great for selfies!)
WiFi and NFC
Location Data
GPS and Points of Interest (POI)

Sample Photos Taken from Nikon P900

The Moon
The Moon | Source
Hanging Feeder Bird
Hanging Feeder Bird | Source

So, what is your verdict about this camera?

Do you like the Nikon P900?

See results

Let me know your thoughts about this camera in the comments below.

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    • eugbug profile image

      Eugene Brennan 22 months ago from Ireland

      The zoom seems to be fairly impressive, some blurring of the image but no obvious blue fringing which can happen on full zoom with some cameras. Must check out this camera!

    • TabsTech profile image

      Michael Germanotta 22 months ago from Australia

      I really enjoyed reading this as I need a New Camera the zoom is impressive as well I may consider buying it soon. Thanks for an informative Hubpage

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