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Camera Bags

Updated on August 19, 2014

The Perfect Camera Bag

If you have a nice digital camera then a camera bag can be a great investment. The right one will make it easy to tote your camera and any necessary gear with you where ever you go. It should also guard your valuable equipment from all sorts of hazards.

The Contents

The size of the camera bag and the number and configuration of the compartments will depend upon what you want to be able to carry with you.

Think through all of your gear. Some people only need a case that will house their camera, a few rolls of film, and a spare battery while others need to tote extra lenses, filters, a small tripod, and more.

The gear you take with you should fit snugly within the provided compartments within the bag, so knowing what you will be taking with you is critical when making your selection.


If you'll be transporting your camera much you want to be sure the bag you choose is easy to carry. For a light load, a belt pouch is nice and frees up your hands if you are hiking or otherwise being active.

For a medium load, a shoulder strap is better than a belt type bag. Bags with a shoulder strap should have a wide, padded strap for comfort.

For heavier loads or for situations when the camera bag will be carried for extended periods of time, a backpack style offers the greatest comfort.

Ease of Use

Is it easy to get items in and out of the bag? Do the zippers and any clasps operate easily? No one wants to miss an important shot because it took too long to get the gear they needed out of the camera bag.

Materials and Construction

A camera bag needs to be made from quality fabric and constructed properly to endure damp weather, moderately rough handling, repeated opening and closing, and so forth. Look for reinforced stitching, large toothed zippers, and metal clasps. These are less susceptible to damage and longer lasting. For damp enviornments, waterproof bags with plastic coated/covered zippers are ideal.

The right item will also offer a good fit for the contents without allowing them to touch or rub together. Adequate padding is important for this reason.

For casual users who are more fashion conscious there are even "fashion" cases with many resembling a clutch or purse.

Camera Bag Reviews

Introduction Photo Credit: eriwst

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    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 5 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      great camera bag collection. lovely display

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 9 years ago

      Lots of cool camera bags! You know what I use for mine? It's a vintage Coach black leather bag that's about 2 x 6 x 9 and made in HUNGARY! Well, thanks for such a cool lens and for visiting my Blondes HMB. 5 stars. Jaguar Julie Lensography.

    • profile image

      bdkz 9 years ago

      Great lens on camera bags!

    • GPSGUY profile image

      GPSGUY 9 years ago

      Great lens! Very informative and attractive! I just got a new digital camera and will be needing one of these. I always take my camera when we're our geocaching! Thanks for the comment!