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Canon EOS Rebel t5i 700D: Release Date and Features

Updated on April 12, 2013

Since 2009, Canon has been upgrading it's EOS Rebel line of cameras with some regularity. Without fail, it has released a new version every year since the Canon EOS Rebel t1i / 500D came out in early 2009. You can read about the evolution of the line of cameras in this hub.

Sometime after Christmas, there's always speculation as to whether Canon will release a new model and, if it does, what features it will include. Every year, Canon enthusiasts wonder just what, if anything, can be done to make these cameras better. While there aren't drastic changes from one model to the other, Canon usually does find some innovation to include that makes one camera a true upgrade from its predecessor.

This year, Canon has managed to both please and disappoint it's fans. It kept with tradition and announced a new camera: the Canon EOS Rebel t5i 700D. However, this camera offers very little in the way of upgrades when it is compared directly with the Canon EOS Rebel t4i 650D.

Canon t5i Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

Let's start with the good news.

The Canon t5i is due to be released on Friday, April 19. This April release date is a spring release, in line with what Canon has done in the past. The release of the Canon t4i was a bit of an outlier, in June 2012.

This also coincides with the introduction of two other interesting pieces of equipment - a new 18-55mm lens and the Canon SL1 camera. Both of these items are also slated to have an April 30 release date, and all three items are available for pre-order through Amazon.

Canon t5i First Look

Canon t5i: Key Features and Specs

At first glance, the Canon t5i is a great camera. It incorporates all of the features that have helped the Canon EOS Rebel series improve over time.

The Canon t5i has an 18.0 megapixel sensor, which creates high resolution photos suitable for printing enlargements. It uses the new DIGIC 5 image processor, released last year with the Canon t4i.

For action photographers, the Canon t5i can shoot 5 frames per second in continuous mode. You can increase the ISO to 12,800, giving you great flexibility in shooting low light action. It also incorporates the hybrid sensor and autofocus system introduced with the Canon t4i to make for quicker, smoother focusing.

For videographers, the Canon t5i offers a full range of HD shooting modes. It can support an external microphone, and the LCD screen folds out to help you get the perfect angle. It has an AF Servo mode for movies as well, allowing you to continuously autofocus while filming.

Why are you looking at the Canon t5i...?

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But What's NEW With the Canon t5i 700D?

Well, to be honest, not much. Most of those cool features mentioned above were introduced with earlier versions of the camera. It builds on the success of the Canon t1i, Canon t2i, Canon t3i, and Canon t4i without offering much in the way of improvements.

There are a few minor differences. The only significant feature change is the digital zoom. This allows you to zoom 3x to 10x further than the optical zoom of your lens. This is especially helpful when shooting video. A video can't make use of the full resolution of the camera anyway, so this allows you to crop the video in camera and get a tighter shot rather than having it cropped or downsized later on by video editing software.

The camera also has a few visual and user interface modifications. It has a different finish from its predecessors, making it look a little different (and better?). The mode dial has also been changed. You can now turn it a full 360 degrees, instead of having it stop at one end like a rotary phone. The dial also includes an option that creates a shortcut to different modes in the menu, like night mode and HDR mode.

All in all, it's a lackluster upgrade. There's no reason to drop a Canon t4i and pick up a Canon t5i, if you've already invested in the earlier camera. In the next few months, there probably isn't much reason to buy the Canon t5i at full retail price, either.

If I were on the market for a brand new Canon camera today, I'd be comparing the Canon t3i and the Canon t4i. The Canon t3i with the 18-55mm lens is a great option if you want to get the best camera for the least amount of money, while the Canon t4i with the 18-135mm lens is a great choice if you want the latest and greatest technology.

At full retail price, the Canon t5i is simply over priced. I'd check back in a few months and see if Amazon drops the price on it or the Canon SL1. Until then, stick with the older cameras and save yourself the money.


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