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Cheapest Canon Powershot Digital Camera Available

Updated on January 19, 2017

Stumbling Across The Canon Powershot a2300

I came across the Canon Powershot a2300 when I was looking for a lightweight point and shoot camera that would take decent outside images at a cost effective price. Finding this camera on Amazon I had a look through all the features and reviews I could find and was mightily impressed at the amount of 5 star reviews the Powershot a2300 had received.

Since the camera had such a lot of positive reviews and technical features all for a bargain price of under $100, I decided to opt for the Canon a2300 and use it in my outdoor photo session. Here you will find my honest opinion on the pros and cons of using the Canon Powershot for outdoor photo taking purposes, although i did actually take some indoor shots and will give my opinion on taking those as well.

If you are deciding to actually buy the Canon Powershot a2300 and have come here looking for some advice on whether you should actually go ahead with your purchase, then I hope what I show in this article will go a long way into helping you make your mind up on whether you should or not.

Photo Credit:Amazon

Canon Powershot a2300 16mp Digital Camera - Where to buy the Canon Powershot a2300

Canon Powershot a2300 Digital Camera Review - See The Canon a2300 In Action

Canon Powershot a2300 Has 16MP DIS

Less Blur With The Canon a2300

One thing I find when ever I take any kind of photograph is my inability to keep the camera steady, especially when I am taking pictures in windy conditions upon a mountain somewhere. This of cause leaves me with loads of blurry images especially with some digital cameras I have used in the past.

The Canon Powershot a2300 first of all provides a generous 16 megapixel image quality which is plenty good enough for anything bar the more professional photo shots you find in glossy magazines and features the Digic 4 image processor which helps in the processing speed of high quality images.

There is also a camera feature to help those with unsteady hands like myself which is called Digital Image Stabilized (Digital IS), this basically recognizes the subject you are trying to take a picture of and then in the case of landscape or moving subjects will take 3 quick shots and composes them into one highly detailed image.

The camera also features a 5x optical zoom with a 28mm wide angle lens which is rather good for a simple point and shoot camera, and having some sort of zoom function no matter how limited is always welcome with all digital cameras. The 28mm wide angle lens promises to provide more image in every photo shot you take.

This all sounds very impressive but how did it actually perform when I took my outdoor photos? Well I am happy to say that the outdoor pictures were of high quality and the usual blurring I got from past digital cameras had been totally eliminated with the Canon Powershot a2300. Even when I took a photo of someone riding past on a bike I managed to get a crisp colorful and clear image with just a quick setting change on the camera.

The indoor shots i took with the Canon a2300 were not so great especially when using the flash, which seemed very strange as the flash function seemed bright enough. I noticed a low light function in the camera settings and this really did make the photos stand out a lot better in darker locations.

There was a slight shutter delay when taking the photos mainly due to me buying a cheap generic memory card, and purchasing a better quality one will most probably cure this problem. Using such a cheap memory card made the delay between taking photos seem like forever, so take note if or when you decide to purchase this camera.

Canon Powershot a2300 Comes With 720HD Video

Shoot High Definition Movies With The Canon a2300

Although I did purchase the Canon Powershot a2300 camera for just its photo taking capabilities, I was pleasantly surprised that such a compact camera had a 720 High Definition video feature. I had never had a digital camera with HD video capabilties before and since I had a HD TV at home, I did actually manage to take some decent HD videos for me to look at when i got home.

The HD quality of the HD videos I shot are highly impressive and were very easy to setup thanks to the simple movie button, that allowed me to switch between take photos and filming HD videos really quickly. There is also the standard VGA video feature so you can take normal quality movies, especially when limited in space on the memory card.

The Canon Powershot a2300 also allows you to shoot videos in the Apple iFrame format which keeps the file size of the high definition videos small, so you can easily upload and email HD videos to your friends and family without the need to convert them to other formats and risk loss of quality.

Canon Powershot a2300 Slim And Compact

Easy To Carry Lightweight Canon a2300

The first thing that really did impress me when i first got this camera was the sleek and thin stylish design of the Canon Powershot a2300 camera, and opting for the black (other three colors to choose from are blue, red, and silver) finish really complimented the overall design of this digital camera.

The Canon a2300 camera has nice usable buttons with a decent sized screen, which function very nicely with the easy to use menu system and features a help function that gives some useful explanations on how each button works along with some decent advice on shooting the correct photos for any given situation.

It is a very lightweight digital camera and can fit easily in your top pocket or bag, and is actually quite a bit smaller than most smartphones you can buy on the market. The Canon Powershot a2300 also has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which you actually have to remove and place in the provided battery charger. The battery when fully charged does actually have a decent amount of power in it, and it managed to last the weekend without me having to use the battery charger.

If you want a lightweight, simple point and shoot camera that is easy to carry around on your travels, then I would definitely recommend purchasing the Canon Powershot a2300 16MP digital camera. It provided me with vibrant clear digital photographs and the HD videos were smooth and crystal clear. The only downside I found with the digital camera was the slight delay in shutter speed when taking quick multiple pictures, but I think this was more down to the choice of memory card rather than the fault of the Canon a2300.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm actually in the market for a new camera. I will have to go check out the other reviews as well. Thanks for the great info.

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 5 years ago

      I haven't used one but I might give one a try!

    • profile image

      John_I 5 years ago

      Haven't used it, but thanks for the great review.